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woman, tiktok, tipping© Photo: @buelistic / TikTok 

Tipping servers at restaurants has become an American custom that many customers feel obligated to perform. 

While tipping may be common, it is certainly not a requirement. Customers will most likely tip if they receive exceptional service.

And servers may refuse to assist customers if they are known not to leave a tip. 

One woman on TikTok shared her own experience of being refused service at a restaurant in these circumstances. 

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The woman says her group was denied service at a restaurant because one was a 'non-tipper.' 

The woman (@buelistic) stitched her own video with that of another TikToker who emphasized the fact that tipping is not a requirement. 

“Nobody is obligated to tip no f–king body,” TikTok user @africanbarb said in the video.