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Skoda in UK a joke ........


When i lived in the UK .....if you had a  skod were  a fucking  peasant  was  the shittiest  car you could drive other  words its a piece of  garbage one  wanted  a skoda...... it was  the  ugliest car  you could  get could not  give them away and people laughed at you could not get laid  driving a skoda  ....they were  always  breaking  down was  the  worst ever  shithole  car on the road .....i hated  them  more than nancy pelossi .....and  joe  "hair plugs "biden .....aka corn pop wonder they ended up in china   piece of  shit  car  was only good  for china  communist garbage  car  .....the only improvement they could have made ....... was  to stop  making them .

Volkswagen's Skoda considers withdrawing from China - media report

Skoda Auto carmaker launches production of MEB battery systems in Mlada Boleslav
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BERLIN (Reuters) - Czech carmaker Skoda Auto, part of Volkswagen, is considering withdrawing from China and will make a final decision next year, CEO Klaus Zellmer was quoted as saying by the weekly magazine Automobilwoche.

"The competition is very intense there, so we will consider, together with our Chinese joint venture partner, how we want to proceed," Zellmer was quoted as saying. "If we want to focus our energy, it's worth checking all scenarios and then deciding."

The chief executive said the company could consider simply selling cars in China rather than also producing them there.

Skoda wants to focus more in India at the moment, he said.


Volkswagen said in a statement to Reuters that it was normal business procedure for Skoda to continuously be checking its position in international markets and adapt that to local developments.

"There have been no decisions so far on possible modifications in our strategy," the company said.

(Reporting by Sarah Marsh; Additional Reporting by Jan Schwartz; Editing by Alex Richardson)

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