Thursday, November 3, 2022

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Final Yahoo News/YouGov midterm poll spells trouble for Democrats

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    Joe Biden
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The final Yahoo News/YouGov poll before next Tuesday’s midterms shows that Republicans have erased Democrats’ long-standing lead in the battle for control of Congress, putting the GOP in position to make significant gains on Election Day.

The survey of 1,641 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Oct. 27 to 31, found that the two parties are now effectively tied — within the poll’s 2.7% margin of error — among all registered voters (46% Democrat, 44% Republican) as well as among those who have already voted or say they will definitely vote on Nov. 8 (49% Democrat, 47% Republican).

In August, Democrats were ahead on the so-called generic ballot question — which asks respondents which candidate they would vote for in their congressional district if the election were held today — by 6 points (45% to 39%). As recently as late September, they were ahead by 4 (45% to 41%).

But even that trajectory — a threefold reduction in Democrats’ lead in the closing days of the campaign — does not fully capture how difficult the environment has become for President Biden’s party as the election approaches.

The rest of the Yahoo News/YouGov results tell the tale.

Enthusiasm, for one thing, is likely to favor the opposition party. While Democrats have an early-voting edge — one in five registered voters (20%) say they have already voted, up from 5% two weeks ago, and so far they prefer Democrats (64%) over Republicans (33%) — the GOP is poised to catch up.

All told, 74% of registered voters on the Democratic side have either already voted (24%) or say they will “definitely” vote (50%). But that number is 7 percentage points higher among Republicans (81%), with 18% saying they’ve already voted and 63% saying they will definitely vote by Tuesday.

Persistently high prices, meanwhile, aren’t helping. Throughout the campaign, voters have told pollsters again and again that inflation is their top concern, and that continues to be the case today: a full 38% — including 20% of Democrats, 53% of Republicans and 37% of independents — pick inflation as “the most important issue when thinking about this year’s election.” Nothing else comes close: not democracy (18%), not abortion (10%) and not crime (5%).

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