Tuesday, November 1, 2022

DID YOU KNOW ..........


Did You Know?
Basketball video game NBA Jam was released in 1993. The characters in the game were given special abilities like jumping super high in the air for the ultimate slam dunks.
Super Mario 64 is the first 3-Dimensional Super Mario. It could be played on the Nintendo 64 gaming console platform.
Alcatraz is located in California, specifically on an island in the San Fransisco Bay. It served as a military prison prior to serving as a federal prison. It no longer operates as a prison and is now a national recreation area run by the National Park Service.

Did You Know?
The Nissan GT-R was first introduced to the world in 1969 as a Japanese touring car for racing.  One of the most notorious Skylines is the R34.  The Nissan in the last 10 years just started selling the GT-R to US customers.
This uniquely shaped vehicle is none other than The Batmobile. It’s a fictional automobile that is stored inside the “bat cave” in the movie. The Batmobile is driven by Batman himself and uses it to his advantage when engaged in crime-fighting activity.

Many call him the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan played in the NBA for 15 seasons, in which he earned six NBA championship wins. He abruptly retired from basketball to try his talents at minor league baseball only to return to basketball. Jordan is also known for his successful shoe line with Nike called 'Air Jordans.'

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