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Well of course i have to put this post in's carmen elektra .....she is a little vixen/minx/hottie/spinner .....who does not like that little babe .......the only thing i will never understand.......... i think she married dennis rodman .....a strange man whom i met .........but in his heyday..........he was probably the shit in the sports world of  basketball  which i will never  understand.......but whatever know how famous people are .......weird and wonderful ......and i guess she wanted different and that..... she got ......but she is always a nice hottie  .........

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Carmen Electra Leaves Little to the Imagination in These Sunkissed & Confident White Bikini Snapshots

Carmen Electra just made everyone’s weekend with this showstopping bikini photo set! On Nov 12, the Baywatch alum shared a series of showstopping photos from her new OnlyFans photography session. She posted the alluring photos with the caption, “angel electra 🤍 happy saturday everyone! 💫 you know where to find me! #linkinbio 👈🏼.”

In the first photo, we see Electra sitting against a lawn chair, showing off her sunkissed skin and beach waves in a white lace drawstring bikini, followed by another snapshot of her having the time of her life while straddling the lawnchair in the same sultry look.

After that, we see Electra having more fun with the shoot, standing up and posing in different unique ways that further show off her toned physique and confident spirit. She gives a big kiss to the camera, followed by showing off her killer curves in another stunning snapshot. Seriously, she looks so confident and gorgeous while she’s in her element!

Fans are losing it over this new photo set, to put it lightly, with hundreds of fans leaving fire emojis, heart-eye emojis, and loving compliments like “You are looking beautiful, Carmen 😘.”

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The Scary Movie star joined the subscription-based service OnlyFans back in May 2022, quickly making her in the top .01 percent of earners on the site with her ingenious pay-per-post strategy.

She later influenced fellow Baywatch star Donna D’Errico to join the sight as well, having her friend join in on the empowering experience.

In a previous interview with OutKick, Electra talked about how much OnlyFans has improved her life, saying, “OnlyFans fits in perfectly because I am the creative director of my own shoots, on my own time. There’s nothing out there that I haven’t approved. And I love connecting with my fans.”

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