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What a waste

 If you can afford to lose it then its all good  .......but that's  an expensive loss ....this is why i never  have anything expensive ........ especially cars ........not  that i can afford or.........  would want one  .........they are expensive to insure ....... ...or they get nicked  ...or nicked  for parts ..........if you drive old  no one  wants your shit......... saves  drama ......but some people  love to show off their  wares ........also its cheaper in the end  ...but people  do not t hink like that who have  money ........never  let them know you have any !!!!!!!!!!..........

Photo credit:  lambo9286/Instagram
Photo credit: lambo9286/Instagram

Hurricane Ian made landfall on the western Florida coast on Wednesday, hitting the state as a category 4 storm with winds in the 150 mph range.

On Friday, authorities in Florida said that 21 deaths had been reported since the storm hit, with early damage estimates in the tens of billions.

During this disaster, more than 1 million people on Instagram have been following the saga of a Florida man who goes by Ernie, a car collector who has been posting about his newly acquired McLaren P1 in Volcano Yellow with 300 miles on the odometer. The first post, under the username @lambo9286, was made on the 16th. On the 27th he posted a photo of the supercar with a few bags of groceries sitting in the front trunk. The caption read “My hurricane supply car #p1”

Things went south the next day as the storm pushed through his neighborhood, filled his garage with water and flooded the P1. The water then carried the cars inside through the garage door and out into the street. Ernie could only look on until the floodwaters subsided on Thursday. He went out to find his McLaren in the street, propped up on its right side by a toilet that also got caught up in the storm.

In a separate post, he showed that his 2022 Rolls-Royce Phantom was also damaged in the storm, caught up in some debris next to a Honda Accord.

Commenters on the various posts about the P1 have been a mix of people expressing sympathy and chiding him for not getting the cars out of the danger zone before it was too late.

“Put it in a bowl of rice,” one commenter joked.

The P1 is a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine plug-in hybrid supercar that was produced from 2013 to 2015. It’s powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 and a 4.7-kilowatt-hour electric motor that, combined, can put out 903 horsepower.

Reached by Road & Track via Instagram, Ernie was understandably short, saying he’s assessing the damage to his cars and home.


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