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FLESH EATING .........

Well maybe i am wired different form most folks ......which i have always  thought know wife/kids/dog/house/home/ know the whole  happy family   ...set an example for the  comunity.....  sort of  brainwashing bullshit .........they want you to get into .....and  the  result is ......... you get freedom to be.........  and  say and do whatever you want .........i never wanted that whole deal  ....after all that shit those people gone through they have to deal with a flesh eating bacteria if  things are not bad  enough .........listen........ i am not  sure  about anything  ......all i know is ............ when you live   coastal ....or  on a  sandbar's a  matter of  time   before you get fucked  ........especially these  days......... with global bollocks warming and  all that's stuff you lose your home and stuff and the chance is you  get this shit thanks  ......90 percent of Sanibel is  gone  .......i can only say i would take the money and  run ........its a sign when your  shit  gets  taken  ........maybe it time for a  change know  sure  as shite on a camels ass ......... that is  going to happen again .........



Flesh-eating bacteria infects Florida communities ravaged by Hurricane Ian

Florida communities devastated by Hurricane Ian are facing a new threat of flesh-eating bacteria — weeks after the massive storm swept across the state.

As of last Friday, the Sunshine State reported 65 infections of Vibrio vulnificus this year, while there were only 37 cases reported prior to the storm that made landfall on Sept. 28, according to Florida Department of Health data.

Lee County, home to the Ian-ravaged communities of Fort Myers and Sanibel Island, accounts for most new cases of Vibrio vulnificus, which eats away at the flesh in open wounds.

“DOH-Lee is observing an abnormal increase in cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections as a result of exposure to the floodwaters and standing waters following Hurricane Ian,” Lee County Department of Health spokesperson Tammy Soliz told CNN.

“Since September 29, 2022, 26 cases of Vibrio vulnificus associated with Hurricane Ian have been reported to DOH-Lee. All 26 cases had wound infections with exposure to Hurricane Ian floodwaters that occurred from the storm surge entering their homes or during post-storm clean-up. There have been six deaths among Lee County residents.”

At least 11 people in the Sunshine State have died from Vibrio vulnificus infection this year, according to Florida Department of Health data.

There were only 10 deaths and 34 cases of the bacteria reported last year.

Florida reported 65 infections of Vibrio vulnificus this year, with only 37 cases reported prior to the storm.
Florida reported 65 infections of Vibrio vulnificus this year, with only 37 cases reported prior to the storm.
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An aerial view shows crew workers repairing the road that goes to Pine Island in Matlacha, Florida.
Workers repair the road that goes to Pine Island in Matlacha, Florida, on Oct. 4, 2022.
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Florida Health officials warned residents of the dangers of the bacteria in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian on Oct. 3. The disease lives in warm, brackish seawater and thrives on sewage spills in coastal waters.

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Three cases in Collier County, located just south of Lee County, have been attributed to the hurricane as well.

The rate of reported case numbers is declining, Florida DOH spokesperson Jae Williams told CNN.

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