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Well friendships ..........if you have  a really good   friend  .........hey will understand all your  quirks.......... and  shit......... should always  understan if they do not .....then they are not  worth having around .........  a friend  should put up with all your shit .......... just  like you put  up with their  quirks  ...unless they are drug fueled............ or  causing arguments of  course ......but your friend should know your  craziness....... and  madness............if you have to change acclimate yourself......always not change for others free .......or die..... as they say in new hampshire not know why  they say that in new hampshire .......are they that radical in new hampshire .....are they radical in new hampshire ........... i  know it' sounds  like a conservative...... tea drinking ........seasidey....religious .....old lady in cardigans .....and husband in wood shop  kind of state ....... maybe i am wrong ............i hope i am .....never been there  like the plate though ........ ....

the meaning behind new hampshires plate

New Hampshire’s official state motto “Live Free or Die” was adopted in 1945 as the second World War was coming to an end. “Live Free Or Die,” is a quote from a toast by General John Stark who is New Hampshire’s most distinguished hero of the Revolutionary War. The full quote reads, “Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils.”

How to Handle A Friendship Breakup

Friendships, like romantic relationships, can end. Of course, no matter how a relationship ends, it will always be painful. When that happens to you and your loved ones, nothing comes easily. The pain can be just as intense.


Losing someone in your life will force you to make changes in your life. Naturally, when a component is missing, you need something new to fill in the gaps.

Fortunately, if we can overcome a romantic breakup, we can certainly overcome a friendship breakup. Here are some strategies for dealing with it:

Open Up To People You Can Trust

It is never a good idea to isolate yourself when you are grieving over the loss of someone in your life. Try to spend as much time as possible with others. It could be your other friends or family. Try expressing all of your emotions to them. Everybody has a time in their lives when they have to give up people for different reasons. Exchanging stories with them might help you cope with the situation. 

Know What Can Help You Move On

Of course, you’ve already exchanged a lot of life experiences. And sometimes they’re so difficult to forget because you carry the memories with you. To avoid remembering unpleasant endings, attempt to get rid of or store whatever you’ve shared with that person in another location. It will undoubtedly assist you in avoiding being reminded of that sad friendship breakup.

Know Yourself Better

In every challenge we face, we may become bitter, but remember that we can always get a lesson out of it. Cutting ties with a friend must be a tough thing to do. You may even lose yourself in the process. However, always remember to be kind to yourself. Do not dwell too much on the reasons why your friendship didn’t work. If you want to go out by yourself, do it! It will surely help you think and reflect on yourself and the things you want to be so you can improve.

Learn The Lesson 

Some friendships may end in ways you never expected. Often times, they have an unexpected conclusion.  You’ll miss the memories and the person you shared them with. You may also be disappointed in yourself for not trying your utmost to maintain such relationships or for continuing in them if they are toxic. 

Dealing with such unpleasant feelings might be difficult, but remember that they are natural and that they happen. Remember the lessons from the breakup as well. You can make a list of the things you wish to change about yourself. Alternatively, you might make a list of everything you want to know about the friends you want to be close to. This way, the dissolution of a friendship will be more significant.



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