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I think there may be more than 11 .....but those are the ones that they hate most  an ex-waiter  ...i know the most annoying person in a restaurant a human being .....yes people are fucking assholes ...i was a waiter for a long  toime in UK and USA .....and let me tell you....... the shit i saw  in the kitchen  ........when someone acts up with the  waiters ..........they get tagged ........yep .......waiters hate assholes .......they will never  admit  it .......... because they like to get paid  .....but i can tell you..........  i have worked in nice places  ....really nice places .......... and  run of the mill places .........and  all waiters  hate  people  /customers ...........i worked on the beach on fort lauderdale .....and saw many many things  i did many things to asshole  customers (when i was  a waiter ).......(and i was younger)....... .....thus i cannot  tell you ......but they were  bad ......never ever  piss off a waiter  ....when they go  behind those double swing doors  ....they can do shit  to your food cannot  taste .........when you get to the lower rungs of the food industry  ...they become  worse ......driv-thrus-take outs.....etc are really   eating things you cannot see  ...these people  really hate everyone ........fact  its a  shitty  fucking job .........for instance  taco hell ........(sounds like ).........but the everyone knows this about the food industry  don't they ........if you dont need to start getting out out more  ......or less......

11 Things Your Server HATES Hearing


The number one rule while dining out is to always respect your server. People working in the food industry tend to deal with unbearable attitudes on a daily basis all while trying to smile. You can try to make their work shift a tad bit easier by not bombarding them with strange requests, or just general rudeness.

Whether you’re nodding like, “Yeah, I was a server” or you’re a frequent diner who may have unknowingly violated these rules, here are 11 things your server HATES hearing!


1. “We need more room.”

Making reservations in advance is the key to getting space at a restaurant. When you arrive at the restaurant and decide at the last minute you need more room for your party, it makes things a bit hectic on the waitstaff.

The waitstaff will have to accommodate the extra people in your party in an already congested and busy eating establishment.

2. “Give me.”

It’s rude to say “give me” to anyone, and your server is no different. It’s like you’re demanding them to do something for you. Show a little respect to the waitstaff while ordering by politely saying, “can I please have?” or, “I’d like.” Remember that servers will be handling your food the entire time you are dining, so be courteous.

3. “Can I get something off the menu?”

Requesting something that isn’t listed on the menu not only makes things harder on the server, but the chefs as well.

Chefs are busy trying to get orders in and out of the kitchen in a timely manner. They don’t have time to cook a random item, not in the menu, just because you requested it.

4. “What do you think I should order?”

Indecisive customers can slow down the process of making sure other tables are taken care of. Asking the server what you should order, or what they’d like best, can be tricky.

If you order a meal and end up not liking it, you might try to blame the server and would want to be compensated for the meal, yeah? Just don’t complicate things!

5. “Thanks, honey.”

Please refrain from referring to the server (especially women) as sweetie, sugar, honey, or babe. Chances are, your server is tired from working all day. The last thing they want to be called by a random stranger is “honey.”

6. “Can we move to another table?”

At restaurants, each individual server is assigned to different tables and sections. Asking to move to another table means you’ll most likely get a new server, and the one you initially had will be missing out on tips for their service. So basically, if you have a table in mind, ask for it when you walk in.

7. “My order is completely wrong.”

Your server’s main job is to take your orders, send the orders to the kitchen, and deliver your meals in a timely manner. The servers have no control over what happens in the kitchen, so if your order comes back wrong, take it easy on them.

If the order comes back wrong, politely tell your server. They will correct the mistake, and may even compensate the meal for you.

8. “Can we split the check X (amount) of ways?”

Splitting the check is easy when there aren’t a lot of people in your party. The problem arises when it’s a huge gathering of 20-plus people that each want to split their checks.

The server will have to remember what everyone ordered, how much it was, and try to calculate each ticket for each individual. If you have to do separate checks in a large party, tell your server before you order!

9.  “Can I call you sometime?”

Servers are nice people in general. After all, it is in the job description to be generous. Don’t take their kindness as a way of flirting and ask them for their number.

It’s awkward and unprofessional.

10. “We’re just going to hang out for a while.”

If you’re still lingering at the table after you’ve finished your meal, especially during peak hours, you’re costing the restaurant money. The server is also losing out on tips from new guests because you’re still sitting at the table and not eating.

11. “I have allergies.”

Telling a server that you have a food allergy when you actually don’t is problematic. The server and the kitchen crew will have to make sure certain foods do not cross contaminate because you claim to be allergic to something.

If a certain food comes with your meal that you don’t like, either don’t eat it, or try to substitute it. Just don’t say you have a food allergy.

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