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Australian Woman Sues Psychiatrist For Approving Male Gender Transition, Leaving Her 'Devastated' She Can't Have Kids

woman sues psychiatrist pp

Aug. 26 2022, Published 7:30 p.m. ET

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An Australian woman is suing a psychiatrist after he approved her gender transition during a single meeting — only for her to have a change of heart, has learned.

Jay Langadinos filed the docs against Dr. Patrick Toohey, who signed off on her female-to-male hormone treatment and two surgeries to remove her breasts and uterus.

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woman sues psychiatrist pp

Langadinos said they met when she was 19 back in May 2010. They were connected via her endocrinologist to discern if gender reassignment was a possibility.

A referral letter from Professor Ann Conway said it "seemed likely" Langadinos had "true gender dysphoria," according to a statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court in May.

Conway pointed out that she was "very young" and "clearly" needed "thorough psychiatric work-up before embarking on hormone treatment."

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Docs show that Toohey agreed with those findings and concluded that Langadinos suffered from gender dysphoria and was ultimately "suitable" for testosterone therapy.

Langadinos saw Toohey a second time in February 2012 and considered making more changes to her body. She had a breast removal operation in April.

They apparently met again in May, during which she discussed having her womb removed. By November, she had the hysterectomy procedure at age 22.

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As the years passed, she "came to the realization that she should not have undergone the hormone therapy or the first and second surgeries."

Langadinos said she has suffered as a result, citing complications from early menopause, anxiety and depression, impaired psychological functioning, and more.

She further expressed how her social phobia should have been considered an important factor before she was ever given the green light on hormone therapy.

Langadinos said it's been an unsettling reality that she now has to live with. "Knowing that I can't have children is absolutely devastating," she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Toohey, for his part, said he was unable to comment due to it being a legal matter. has learned that Langadinos no longer identifies as male and is suing her ex-psychiatrist for professional negligence.


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