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good riddance


I am glad charles i stripping harry of his title ..........he does nor deserve it....... he is not a royal material ..........more sort of  pussy....... spineless....... runt .....takes   a certain stock  to be a  monarch mean feat by any shot ....personality to do it ....... and  kate too  harry was always the soft mummies boy runt  ....little  weakling ........but hey thats just what i saw ......yes he did the  fporces  but he got a pass   becasue of who he was  ....and look at what he married  not  really good stock ......we all know the requirements to be in the stable ......its a metaphor know royalty ...stables .....horses.....foxhunting.....cruelty ......etc....etc.....maybe you will not get it  .....but they need  that  blue blood.......... to be a  royal .....meghyn is not  the horsey blue blood type  ...its  a fact ......she is a  septic/sherman/.....sherman tank......yank .......not close to monarchy material .......charlie is going to be tough .....i don't mind a king ..''''..not that it matters  to me  .....i am not there in  blighty/UK/the rock/......i wouldn't/couldn't live there anymore it is gone to the dogs ........maybe charles will re- invent  UK back to some sort of sanity ......right now  its  all fucked up .....change is good ......

‘Persona Non Grata’: Prince Harry Cut Out By King Charles Ahead Of His Bombshell Memoir Release

Radar Online - Yesterday 9:30 AM

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Prince Harry announced the release date for his memoir Spare and has learned his father King Charles is furious with his son moving forward with the project.

An insider said, “Charles is shutting out Prince Harry” due to the January release. As previously reported, sources said the two had been attempting to work out things but the memoir was a big sticking point for the two.

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Due to Harry deciding not to scrap his $20 million memoir, sources said Charles started to retaliate behind the scenes.

First thing on the chopping block: Harry’s role as one of Charles’ five “counselors of state” tapped to stand in for the King should illness or overseas travel preclude the 73-year-old from carrying out important constitutional duties, including signing documents and attending Privy Council meetings.

With the new monarch, who ascended to the throne after the Sept. 8 death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth III, vowing to streamline the monarchy, sources reveal the nonworking royals such as Harry are on their way out.

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“Charles thinks it makes no sense whatsoever to have Prince Harry as one of his five counselors of state when he’s never in the U.K.,” said an insider.

“After being thrown under the bus by his son and Meghan with their tell-alls, he feels it’s important for the five who are the most loyal and dedicated to the Palace to have those spots.

mega© Radar Online

He’s not the only one who shares this opinion. On Oct 26, the BBC reported that a member of the House of Lords questioned why Harry and his uncle Prince Andrew were still considered suitable stand-ins for Charles when one had “left the country” and the other had “left public life.”

The priority, said another, should be given to “somebody who actually undertakes royal duties.” It’s not the first time Charles has sidelined Harry.

At Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, neither was allowed to wear their military uniform.

Even more shocking — there are rumblings that Harry and Meghan will not be invited to Charles’ May 6 coronation — which falls on their son Archie’s 4th birthday.

mega© Radar Online

After his and Meghan’s bombshell TV interview, plus buzz about Spare and their upcoming Netflix documentary, the Duke of Sussex saw it coming.

“Harry had an inkling his dad would leave him out in the cold when he became King,” said an insider. “So it has come as no surprise that discussions are taking place to have his pushed out."


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