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Listen call me a pig.........but i have no problem with girls getting titties at all ....on any leve ....i love huge cans/lights/lamps/hounds/twins........whatever  you call them .....they are deeeeeelish !!!!!!!however  if you are going to get tittlies  her eis  a thing .......they are  basicall obly going to attract  a  wrong kind of guy .......but if  you already have a  guy ........ super  he wins  ....well........... loses  cash on the deal  .....but danica patrick is hot   she does not need   titties /cans/lights/lamps/hounds/twins.........but she must  have felt she did........i would never  ever talk a woman out of getting cans  i was in realtionship  with a girl who  got  cans  they were  yummy ........every now and then you  feklt the sac that held  the  whatever  was in them .........however   .....i cannot  say anything bad    .......but helath wise  a  girl /woman/chick/bint/skank/stripper/model/enetertainer ......must know there is a  risk in it  .......its alien shit being  put in your  body ........but what the fuck do i know  ........if you need  tits to feel betr  about yourself might be a  deeper issue........


Danica Patrick opens up about health issues caused by implants

Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick© Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

The former racecar driver got breast implants in 2014 because she was dissatisfied with that part of her body. After getting the implants, she was happier with her body. But then in 2018, she began to notice some health issues; she had gained weight and problems with her health.

By 2020, she noticed a change in the shape of her face as well as irregularity in her menstrual cycle, in addition to the weight gain and hair issues she continued to experience. She kept digging and digging to try and get to the bottom of the problems before figuring out that the breast implants were responsible for her poor health.

During an interview with Dr. Daniel Amen that he posted on Instagram, Patrick talked about the process that led her to discover her breast implants issue.

“I had bloodwork done and my thyroid was low. I though I would get this magic pill and everything would be fine. I ended up having severe heavy metal toxicity, especially mercury and an array of other things like leaky gut. One of the big things I eliminated from the equation was breast implants because nothing else was working. I had them for seven and a half years and I found immediate relief with that,” Patrick said.

Once Patrick got rid of her breast implants, she started feeling better. The 40-year-old is trying to bring attention to the issue of illness that can be associated with breast implants.

Patrick stepped away from racing in 2018. She is the only female driver to win an IndyCar Series race. She remains active across various social media platforms.


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