Monday, September 5, 2022

what do you expect


Listen!!!!!!all i know  is when you go on something like this ......its a  risk ....i mean you are putting your soul to the mercy of  a carny like  situation....its a  carnival a fair  ...a  spectacular event .....or so they say many of these ......fuck up 

how many of these  things fuck up around the world /globe /planet.......not many i am sure  ...but  its the thrill.....humans  seek  safe thrill .......not like  bungee  jumping ....or  skydiving those fatalities are high .......but that's a  rush ......fairground  is a pseudo  rush .....thats  it ......but  hey  its  a close   to a  pant shitting  experience you are  going to  get ..........

Video shows an amusement park ride malfunctioning, sending over a dozen riders hurtling 50 feet to the ground

The 50-foot tall ride had nearly 50 riders on board, according to eyewitnesses and several media reports.
The 50-foot tall ride had nearly 50 riders on board, according to eyewitnesses and several media reports.Nikhil Choudhary/Screenshot
  • A video shows an amusement park "drop tower" malfunctioning and sending its riders into a free-fall.

  • The ride in India's Punjab state broke on Sunday with about 50 people on board, per local media.

  • Outlets reported that 16 women and children were hospitalized as a result of the accident.

A video posted on Sunday evening appears to show part of an amusement park ride in India crashing to the ground with dozens of people on board.

The ride was a "drop tower" attraction that broke at a fair in Mohali, a district of the Indian state of Punjab, according to local network NDTV. It malfunctioned around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday, the broadcaster reported.

The attraction featured a tower and a circular platform, which spun as it ascended the tower. When it reached the top, it plummeted abruptly, smashing into the ride's bottom.

A clip of the incident was tweeted by Nikhil Choudhary, a journalist for Hindi-language broadcaster TV9, who filmed the video at the fair.

Around 50 people were on board the 50-foot tall attraction and half of them were injured, Choudhary told Insider. He estimated that 16 women and children were hospitalized.

The ride had been running smoothly when the crash happened without warning, the journalist wrote in a message.

English-language local newspaper the Business Standard reported the same number of riders present. There have been no reports of fatalities as of Sunday evening.

The Hindustan Times reported that several children as young as 10 years old were being treated at Fortis Hospital, a medical facility near the fair.

Several outlets, including NDTV and the Hindustan Times, reported that there had been no ambulances on standby at the fair. Choudhary said he didn't see any emergency vehicles present at the time of the accident, but that ambulances arrived a few minutes after.

Fair organizers blamed a "technical issue" for the accident and said they would cooperate with police, per the Hindustan Times.

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