there is a god part 3.........

 Okay i am trying to get onto some serious or   crazy raw unfiltered shit .......but they keep posting hotties in bikinis .....i mean FFS!!!!!! the hell can i get away from it .....i mean  dua lippa it wrong  for  me to want a 4 way .....things vcan only get better .......

Dua Lipa Just Posted an Enviable String Bikini Photo Dump on Instagram

It's Sept. 1, and Dua Lipa started the new month—and unofficial beginning of fall—by sharing a retrospective of her latest swimsuit shots. The singer posted two Instagram carousels featuring her posing in sequined one-pieces, glittery string bikinis, and more over the last two days. “never leaving la isla bonita,” she captioned her first, featuring multiple shots of her lounging in the pool in a multi-colored one-piece.

But it was Lipa's second Instagram, shared today, that was exceptionally bikini-filled. “πŸ§ΏπŸ«§πŸ¦‹πŸ«€πŸ’™πŸšπŸ’‹” she captioned it. Bikinis in the carousel include an orange bikini, glittery purple one, and pink string two-piece. Essentially every top Lipa wore in these photos was a crop top or bralette of some variety:

Lipa is on a break from her Future Nostalgia tour, which starts back up this month in Brazil. In April 2020, the singer spoke to ELLE about what inspires her music. “The way I write my music, I’m always very open, and I allow myself to be vulnerable,” Lipa said. “And I feel now more than ever that it’s brought me closer to my listeners. I think it’s important to talk about your emotions and to be vulnerable and to show that you’re human.”

She also admitted then that she didn't see the coronavirus pandemic inspiring her next musical work. “I don’t feel like we’ll want to be reminded too much of this time,” she said. “Of course, this is a major moment in history that we won’t forget. But I don’t know whether that’s going to influence where my music is going to go next.”

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