Pay back is a bitch

 I will say this now ........and say it again .....this is payback ........ your disrespect for animal life and hunting whales.......mother nature is not to be fucked with .....simple you fuck with life it comes back to get ya ......i believe you kill...... and  slaughter  massive  elegant animls  .......and kill sharks just for the fins are a  cunt  ...pure and simple reason !...... just get noodle soup...... no you want shitty gelatinous soup........  at the price of a life .......i have not  a gram of  sympathy at all deserve to get fucked over for your disrespect .........there has to come a point  when you can only do so much to the earth........  before it kicks stands to reason .....all the shit that is happening in the world  right now....... .... is because humans dis respect and  ignorance  ....and mother nature and  father time  .....have come to collect souls long did we think we  could keep raping our resources ........japan/china/korea/thialandyaiwan.......etc .....etc those cultures are  very direspectful towards animal life ......seems they are getting  hit with earthquakes and storms and typhoons .......maybe i am wrong .....about payback ......they deserve all the get..........

Japan storm: Nine million people told to evacuate as super typhoon Nanmadol hits

Huge waves
Huge waves in Kochi prefecture, western Japan

Nine million people have been told to evacuate their homes as Japan is battered by one of the worst typhoons the country has ever seen.

The super typhoon Nanmadol has killed two people and injured almost 90.

It hit Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands, on Sunday morning, and is set to reach Honshu, the largest island, in the coming days.

Tens of thousands of people spent Sunday night in emergency shelters, and almost 350,000 homes are without power.

Transport and business has been disrupted, and the country is braced for extensive flooding and landslides.

Nanmadol has brought gusts of up to 234km/h (145mph), and some areas were forecast 400mm (16 inches) of rain in 24 hours.

Bullet train services, ferries, and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Many shops and other businesses have closed, and sandbags have been put in place to protect some properties.

Rescue workers and fallen trees
Rescue workers attend a landslide in Kyushu

The typhoon made landfall near the city of Kagoshima, on the southern tip of Japan's most southerly island, Kyushu, on Sunday morning.

A river in Kyushu has burst its banks.

State broadcaster NHK said one man was killed when his car was submerged in flooding, and another died after being buried in a landslide. One more person remains missing, and 87 have been injured.

Local video footage shows roofs ripped off buildings and billboards toppled over.

The storm is forecast to turn east and pass over Japan's main island of Honshu before moving out to sea by Wednesday. The capital, Tokyo, has experienced heavy rain, with the Tozai underground line suspended because of flooding.

A level-five alert, the highest on Japan's disaster warning scale, has been issued for more than 500,000 people in the Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Oita, Kumamoto and Yamaguchi areas.

A total of around nine million people have been ordered to evacuate parts of the Kyushu, Shikoku and Chugoku regions after a level four alert.


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