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Unbelievable News Anchor Moments

Everybody makes mistakes, we all know that. Sometimes those mistakes will happen at work and that’s cool. But when news anchors and reporters have slip-ups on live TV, it’s not something that can easily be forgotten. For these guys, all it takes is one ‘oh no you didn’t’ moment to get it stuck in the deep dark crevices of the internet forever. That being said, here is a collection of unbelievable moments, many news anchors and reporters wish never happened.


For these guys, all it takes is one ‘oh no you didn’t’ moment to get it stuck in the deep dark crevices of the internet forever. That being said, here is a collection of unbelievable moments, many news anchors and reporters wish never happened.

Unexpected Guest Appearance

This reporter was doing a segment on LA’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics when a random guy crept up behind her and stood uncomfortably close.


The reporter, Wendy Burch, was concentrating so hard on the segment, she didn’t realize a man was standing behind her, basically breathing on her neck. When Wendy finally realized there was a stranger hovering over her, she jumped and screamed in terror. She laughed it off like a good sport, but we’re not sure how she feels about the embarrassing scene going viral. Either way, it’s pretty funny.

Slip & Splash

This Dutch reporter was interviewing the mayor when the unthinkable happened. While filming for a promotional video for an Easter festival, she lost her balance while leaning up against the side of the boat.


She tried to hold onto the rope next to her, but she ended up splashing into cold ocean waters instead. The mayor attempted to pull her back up with his mayoral chain, while the sound guy tried to fish her out with a boom mic.

A Shaky Report

We’ve all been through earthquake drills, but these reporters never dreamed they’d be caught on live TV during one. This Los Angeles news team live broadcast was interrupted by an unexpected and strong earthquake.


In fear, one of the anchors shouted, “we’re having an earthquake” and ducked for cover. Viewers could see the cameras shaking and the overhead lights rattling while the anchors hid under the desk. It wasn’t long before public figures and comedians like Jimmy Kimmel publicly mocked and teased them.

Hot as Hell

While announcing current temperatures in Phoenix, weather reporter, Cory McCloskey, ran into a slight snafu. Following a technical error, he was surprised to see that in some cities temperatures were well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.


He dealt with the obvious technical malfunction quite calmly and announced he wasn’t authorized to evacuate cities, but jokingly recommended residents to get out while they still can. Arizona is pretty hot, but not THAT hot!

The Cold Truth

Reporters know that their job will involve getting stuck in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. It’s simply part of the job. This Milwaukee reporter was sent out during a feisty snowstorm to report live on the situation.


Stuck in the freezing cold for hours, she lost her cool and decided to give over the honest truth to viewers. “I’ve been here since, what, 3:30 this morning – it is now, I don’t even know what time it is, 9:45. I’m exhausted. I’ve run out of things to say. It is snowing and it sucks here!”, she exclaimed. Her genuine rant was greeted with cheers of glee and laughter from both the viewers and producers. She is now an internet sensation.

Teleprompting Trickery

If you didn’t know already, news anchors read from a teleprompter, so the person in charge of the script must be trustworthy. Otherwise, you can find yourself reading something super embarrassing in front of an audience of millions of viewers. But for the Huntsville news anchor, this wasn’t the case.

Source: YouTube

Tricked into her own marriage, she read that she was being proposed to under the guise of receiving exclusive breaking news. Lucky for the dude, she said yes and reported that there would be a “100 percent chance of some tears of joy tonight”.

Reporting in Puddles

A Russian reporter was in the midst of covering a story about the poor road conditions in Novosibirsk when she decided to gracefully leap over a puddle.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t a wise move because she ended up falling in a puddle of freezing cold water. With Siberia’s unforgiving weather, we sure hope she had a change of clothes on hand.

No More Kardashians

Being a news reporter isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, these people have to report stories that aren’t interesting. To them at least. News anchor, John Brown flipped when he was forced to report a story on the Kardashians one morning and went on a rant about the family on live air.


It was on Good Day Orlando that Brown refused to report the story about Kylie Jenner naming her rabbit Bruce. He stated, “I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story. Nobody cares about this family anymore!” His live rant eventually went viral.

A Bad Play

Lee Valsvik from NBC’s news channel was reporting live from a Minneapolis sports bar when the segment suddenly became rather heated. The cameraman thought it would be hilarious to sack Lee from behind in a mock football play.


Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. He slammed into her and she went flying onto a table, knocking off plates and cups and even knocking over the chair. She kept her cool and shouted, “I’m Okay!” from the background. Fortunately, she was not injured.

Cloudy with a Chance of Bird Dung

It was during a news segment on an infestation of birds when a reporter decided to walk underneath a tree full of them. The birds must have overheard his rude comment about them infesting the area, because next thing you know, one of the feathered creatures pooped on his shoulder.


The reporter laughed but when he looked up towards the tree flying feces landed right in his mouth. Unamused, he ran off screaming leaving a great laugh for viewers and even for the producers. Some people believe the incident was staged, but that doesn’t take away from its hilarity.


This male news anchor was segueing into the weather forecast, when said to the meteorologist, “maybe we can canoodle before you get into it” Appalled, the female reporter rejected the uncalled-for offer.


Embarrassed, the news anchor said he didn’t have the correct definition of the word canoodle, claiming he thought it meant just to chat. Oopsie daisies! Humiliated, he asked to end the segment saying, “Take it away, get me off camera!”.

Leap of Faith

In an attempt to spice up a boring segment on a lake’s receding levels, this clumsy reporter jumped into knee-deep water after claiming the ground should be completely dry. Unfortunately for the guy, there was plenty of water on the ground.


Regardless, the camera crew and millions of viewers got a good laugh at the epically ridiculous scene.

Full-on Flip

Rob Leth, Global News reporter, was in Toronto’s Riverside Park, judging a toboggan race on live air. Holding his trusty stopwatch, he stood in a place that allowed him to get a good view of the finish line.


His place ended up not being very strategic because minutes later, one of the racers was headed towards him- straight on. Instead of getting out of the way, Leth’s instincts told him to jump over the racer and it didn’t end too well- he flipped in the air and landed on his head with a thud. Following the incident, he muttered under his breath, “well that was a bad idea…”. Next time, stand on the sidelines, Leth.

Hear Me Out

For journalists, one of the important factors in delivering a good report is being heard. Sadly, this reporter was caught in a pickle when while filming on live air at the GOP celebration, following Ronald Reagan’s election as president.


Standing smack dab in the middle of all the action, the place was so loud, the reporter couldn’t even hear himself, nor the man whispering in his ear that he was live. The reporter repeatedly asked, “can you hear me?” and then grew increasingly frustrated. He even asked if he was talking to thin air, but little did he know that everyone was listening.

Syrian Civil War #2

All hell broke loose on this Jordanian news station when two guests got into a heated argument about the Syrian Civil War. One accused the other of supporting the Syrian revolution while the other was ridiculed for supporting Bashar Assad.


Insults filled the air and a literal tug of war began when they pushed the table at one another until it broke. They then proceeded hit each other with the detached table top. And this was all live on the air. Surprisingly, the news station didn’t take legal action against the two rascals.

Sleeping Beauty

Doctors aren’t the only ones that pull long shifts and work to the bone. News reporters are also often exhausted after working long hours, but that’s part of the job so they have to keep it together. One morning, news reporter of Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson was particularly tired.

Source: YouTube

During a commercial break, Tucker dosed off and his co-hosts conveniently forgot to wake him up when the show when back on the air. One thing’s for sure- his colleagues got a good laugh at his expense and so did the rest of the channel viewers.

A Fit of Laughter

These two news anchors couldn’t hold in their laughter. When the one on the left started to talk about how she’s going to be judging a sausage eating contest, she started to laugh and the second one began and before they knew it, they were in a fit of laughter.

Source: youtube

And we all know that when you’re in one of those moments, it’s one of the hardest things to do to stop.

It’s All in His Eyes

This reporter was just trying to be sweet and talk to the little toddler. But the kid’s expression is just priceless.

Source: gfycat

Clearly, he’s not interested in the news piece.

Super Unlucky Moment

This news anchor probably has a fear of large flying insects. And unfortunately, his fear had to make an appearance on a live newscast.


Poor guy. What is that thing anyways?

Pig Face

An unfortunate camera and image slip up and placement. We don’t think this was on purpose.

But this mistake makes for a funny image. Hey, a little to the left!

Fish and Laughs

Looks like she wasn’t expecting to be so grossed out by the fish. They are indeed slimy. The reporter must have been embarrassed after falling on top of the guy.


But at least she’s able to laugh it off.

What the…

Where did that car come from? And what happened? And where are they? So many questions.


We apologize for not having the story for this news moment, but we had to include it because it really is unbelievable! We hope the driver is okay.

Mom Needs Her Phone

This news anchor and mother was broadcasting live when her daughter came to give her her cell phone.

Source: gfycat

She probably didn’t know they were shooting live. And she was only trying to help!

Wardrobe Failure

This weatherwoman probably came to work thinking she was wearing a beautiful dress. And maybe it is.

Adam Brown/Youtube

But in front of the green screen, it made a whole other impression. She basically became the weather.

Suggestive Shapes

News Reporter, Siobhan Riley of Flint Michigan’s WJRT, got her moment of fame when she accidentally drew an unsuitable image while mapping the on-going construction in the city Saginaw.


With oddly placed circles, indicating where the construction began and a long oblong sphere, she created a rather suggestive shape. The best part was that she didn’t even realize what she’d done and continued her segment with a straight face. Nevertheless, the internet noticed it and although it was unintentional, she got a lot of beef for it.

A Buggy Report

Jennifer Ketchmark was giving over her regular news report on Fox59 when the producers switched to a tower cam overlooking central Indianapolis. At that moment, an angry hornet attacked the camera lens and Jennifer screamed loud enough for the bears in Alaska to hear and fled the frame. Ketchmark predicted her ridiculous blooper would make its way to the internet and that’s exactly what happened.

Source: YouTube

In efforts of redeeming herself, the startled news reporter took a deep breath and returned to finish her segment. She admitted she’d regret her dramatic reaction for a very long time.

Criminal Hamster

During a serious report on a missing 16-year old girl, Molly Bish, Channel 3 put up a photo of the man suspected to be involved in the abduction.

Source: YouTube

However, instead of displaying a photo of the actual suspect, Rodney Stanger, there was a picture of a hamster displayed on the screen instead. Keeping her cool, the news anchor commented, “Well, no this is not Rodney Stranger obviously” and guaranteed they’d exhibit Stanger’s real photo later on.

Bring Your Kids 2 Work

Robert Kelly was being filmed live on air, discussing the impeachment proceedings of the South Korean president when some unexpected guests decided to join him. These were Kelly’s two daughters who entered the room mid-film, looking for some attention from their pops.


Shortly after the interruption, Kelly’s wife was caught rushing the kids out of the room. Thankfully, everybody got a good laugh out of the scene and the incident was witnessed by millions of people across the globe. Thanks to these two cuties, the reporter inevitably became an internet sensation.

A Fight in White

Australia’ Nine News Now hosted three reporters on a segment when they all showed up wearing white. News anchor Amber Sherlock (center) wasn’t happy about the matching situation and it didn’t take long before a fight broke out between her and Julie Snook (left).


With mics recording, Amber repeatedly ridiculed Snook for not changing. Later, Snook was forced to wear a black jacket, but not before threatening to leave the segment altogether. She retorted, “If it’s an issue, I’ll just jump on out if that’s what you’d like to do.”. The incident wasn’t caught on air but somehow made its way to the web in no time.

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