I personally think that the death penalty should be a  firing squad .......the chinese do it t soccer matches that at the NFL......but then all the fans drinking beer  and eating shite food  might get upset and not  eat and drink beer  and we all know that;s a  big part of sport know budweiser and ball park franks  ....america is too weak and pussy to have  a death penalty .......too many fruitcakes ......cup cakes  ....right to life  assholes ........until your child gets raped right !!!!!.....not until its  on your fucking doorstep ........ do you care .....its called the NIMBY syndrome .......not in my back yard .....Yet on the same plane......  america goes to impoverished oil rich  countries .......and  drops bomb........  fries innocent children ...paid for by american taxpayers next time you drink you  jack daniels .....or smoke  your swisher ......the tax on that funded a bomb that fried a kid in war ,......right !!!!!! hear me  ....but that's  not  right  .,......we cannot kill rapist........pedophiles  its inhuman there  we fucking  go .....bobby joe ......America is a two faced  country  .......but it's better than some shitholes   ....for instance like .....monrovia ......liberia......ukraine right now i sy  fucking kill the criminals in a firing  squad dinners or  antiseptic wipes  ....line those bastards  up  ....and get  rid of  them  will cut  crime ....quick .......but then that would make  sense ...... and drastically .......nothing  shits you up quicker  than seeing a  dude/pedophile/child rapist/cardinal(think about it)..... get fucking killed in front of you ....

Judge says SC electric chair, firing squad unconstitutional

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina judge ruled Tuesday that the state's newly created execution firing squad, as well as its use of the electric chair, are unconstitutional, siding with four death row inmates in a decision sure to be swiftly appealed as the state struggles to implement its new execution protocols.

“In 2021, South Carolina turned back the clock and became the only state in the country in which a person may be forced into the electric chair if he refuses to elect how he will die," Judge Jocelyn Newman wrote in a case brought by the inmates against the state. "In doing so, the General Assembly ignored advances in scientific research and evolving standards of humanity and decency.”

Last month, Newman heard arguments from lawyers for four men on the state's death row, who said that the prisoners would feel terrible pain whether their bodies were “cooking” by electricity or heart stopped by a marksman’s bullet — assuming they are on target.

Attorneys for the state countered with their own experts who said death by the yet-to-be-used firing squad or the rarely used electric chair would be instantaneous and the condemned would not feel any pain.

The state Supreme Court had ordered Newman to issue her decision within 30 days, with further appeals all but certain. Officials with the state Corrections Department told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the agency was “assessing the ruling.”

Brian Symmes, a spokesman for Gov. Henry McMaster, said the Republican planned to appeal Newman's ruling.

From 1995 to 2011 — when the state’s last execution was performed — South Carolina carried out the death penalty with lethal injections on 36 prisoners. But, as the state’s supply of lethal injection drugs expired in 2013, an involuntary pause in executions resulted from pharmaceutical companies' refusal to sell the state more.

Condemned inmates technically had the choice between injection and electrocution, meaning that opting for the former would in essence leave the state unable to carry out the sentence.


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