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 you see what i am saying ....cannot be trusted....... in any country.........  anywhere  ....dishonest theiving.......... money laundering .......china  is not to be trusted  .....they  just  dont know  how  to stop  being  dishonest...........  their  greed  is  incredible ...... i  do not trust restaurants  

Boston Chinatown restaurant served as front for global money laundering scheme, DOJ says

A family-owned restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown allegedly served as the headquarters of international money laundering and transmitting schemes that reaped tens of millions of dollars in proceeds from drug trafficking and the resale of Apple products.

Eight individuals have been indicted for their alleged roles in the schemes which were partly run at China Gourmet, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). Former spouses Shi Rong Zhang, 48, and Qiu Mei Zeng, 47, co-own the restaurant.

Both Zhang and Zeng have been charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and unlicensed money transmitting. Zhang’s Hanover-based electronics store, Wonderful Electronics, has also been used as a front for illicit transactions, as per court documents.

Vincent Feng, 32; Da Zeng, 30; Wei Qing Zeng, 58; Xian Rong Zeng, 45 and Qiu Fang Zeng, 59, face the same charges. Additionally, Chengzou Liu, 36, was indicted on conspiracy to commit money laundering and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

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A months-long investigation exposed Liu as a marijuana trafficker who regularly delivered drug proceeds to China Gourmet and also to Qiu Mei Zeng, who then laundered those proceeds via electronic transfers. In March, investigators reportedly seized more than $250,000 of suspected marijuana proceeds from Wei Qing Zeng’s vehicle, which was en route to China Gourmet from New York.

The defendants allegedly acquired the drug proceeds in Boston and New York for a fee. They then transferred the proceeds' equivalent in Chinese renminbi to the traffickers’ bank accounts and used a discounted exchange rate to "sell" the proceeds to U.S. customers.

The former spouses, Da Zeng, Feng and others also allegedly used stolen and/or fraudulent gift cards to buy thousands of Apple products, which were then sold and shipped globally. This scheme also allegedly earned them millions of dollars.


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