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 Well i always liked Donald trump .....i loved the apprentice .....and suchlike ......all presidents ....are not perfect and  donald  was not afraid.....of no one  ....he did not pander......

.politics is a  fucking joke.......... a  scam ......and the whole thing is  rigged ......and the only person that gets  fucked ,,,,is the voter.........who  stand in  line for  hours  .......sometimes.......... to vote  .......i will never vote ....never have never will ......if the masses  did not  vote then who would win ....we  don't know ........ because fear  is the thing the govt  plays on ......simple gas  if  no one   bought gas  for days the price would plummet ......

Pro-Trump activists swamp election officials with sprawling records requests

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  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    45th President of the United States

By Nathan Layne

(Reuters) - Pro-Trump operatives are flooding local officials with public-records requests to seek evidence for the former president’s false stolen-election claims and to gather intelligence on voting machines and voters, adding to the chaos rocking the U.S. election system.

The Maricopa County Recorder's Office in Arizona, an election battleground state, has fielded 498 public records requests this year - 130 more than all of last year. Officials in Washoe County, Nevada, have fielded 88 public records requests, two-thirds more than in all of 2021. And the number of requests to North Carolina’s state elections board have already nearly equaled last year’s total of 229.

The surge of requests is overwhelming staffs that oversee elections in some jurisdictions, fueling baseless voter-fraud allegations and raising concerns about the inadvertent release of information that could be used to hack voting systems, according to a dozen election officials interviewed by Reuters.

Republican and Democratic election officials said they consider some of the requests an abuse of freedom-of-information laws meant to ensure government transparency. Records requests facing many of the country's 8,800 election offices have become "voluminous and daunting" since the 2020 election, said Kim Wyman, head of election security at the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Last year, when she left her job as Washington secretary of state, the state’s top election official, her office had a two-year backlog of records requests.

"You still have a group of people in each state that believe that the election was stolen," said Wyman, a Republican.

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In April, the official in Arizona’s Maricopa County in charge of responding to public records requests, Ilene Haber, assigned four of her nine staffers to pull 20,000 documents out of holding boxes, sort them for scanning, and then carefully return them to their proper place. It took four days.


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