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Elon Musk’s GOP ties deepen as he appears at a Trump-aligned donor event

·Washington Correspondent
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With his attempt to un-buy Twitter not going to trial until October, Elon Musk has spent the interlude wading even further into politics and the Republican camp by appearing at a GOP donor retreat this week in Wyoming hosted by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

The Tesla (TSLA) CEO reportedly participated in a “fireside chat” with McCarthy on Tuesday night before the Trump-aligned audience. The gathering was notable for taking place the same day and in the same state that Republican primary voters ended Liz Cheney’s tenure in Congress over her criticisms of Donald Trump.

But at the same time, in a tweet that was apparently sent from the Republican event, Musk also again claimed to be a moderate without allegiance to either political party.

While Musk has a long history of supporting both political parties — allying himself over the years with a dizzying array of figures from George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Margaret Thatcher to Kanye West — nearly all recent public evidence points toward him becoming more and more of a Republican.

‘This election I will’ vote Republican

Musk said directly in May that “this election I will” vote Republican largely because he says Democrats are “overly controlled by the unions and by the trial lawyers,” during an interview where he also criticized Republicans. Musk also went after Joe Biden, saying the current president is more beholden to the left-wing forces in his party compared to Barack Obama, whom Musk supported in the past.

Likewise, Musk has donated exclusively to Republicans since 2021 according to the Federal Election Commission records. His recently giving (which is very modest) is in contrast to his donations in 2020 which were tilted toward Republicans but with a few Democratic names sprinkled in.


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