Thursday, August 4, 2022

said it now .....will say it again

 Religion is the greatest scam scam alive ........people  go to church and pray to some  guy that have been told that they are guilty of  his  death ,....and buy it  ....its a  fucking beauty ..........listen ....i say this once you are dead are dead .....there is  no  rising back  ...unless you are mistakenly pronounced  some  poeple  have  come back  but they were not dead  ..........i mean  the guy was buried  and he can back and  we  are  all told  he bled  for us  and   suchlike  bollocks  ..............yet it rakes in money all over the planet.........look at the  Vatican ....the pope  beyond .......have you noticed who they  prey upon .........go figure  .....all i know there is a  force  not  sure  what it  is /.....but  its  bot  a bearded  feller .........

ID Theft, Fraud, Prison: The Wild Life of a Bishop Robbed at the Pulpit

Bishop Lamor Whitehead after a news conference outside his church in Brooklyn, on July 29, 2022. (Victor J. Blue/The New York Times)
Bishop Lamor Whitehead after a news conference outside his church in Brooklyn, on July 29, 2022. (Victor J. Blue/The New York Times)

NEW YORK — Inside his makeshift church in Brooklyn, seated in a chair that looked more like a throne and dressed in a slim-cut, banana-yellow suit by Gucci, Bishop Lamor Whitehead prepared to deliver the sermon his followers had been waiting a long week to hear.

It had been seven days since the obscure little congregation, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, was robbed by three armed and masked men during a service July 24, the heist caught on a livestream video. The robbers relieved Whitehead and his wife of many chains, rings, watches and other jewelry — the total value of which is in dispute but is estimated to be as high as $1 million — and escaped outside on Remsen Avenue.

Whitehead rose.

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“The devil didn’t want me back in this pulpit,” he said solemnly. “God said, ‘You can’t take his life. You can touch his material things. But you can’t touch his soul.’”

Then he reenacted the robbery. Twice.

In the wake of the brazen heist, attention has focused on Whitehead, a friend of Mayor Eric Adams with a felony identity theft conviction in his past. Why, some wondered, would a preacher with a tiny congregation have a small fortune in jewelry on his person? And his immediate reaction during the robbery, as if practiced, has led to questions about whether he knew the robbers were coming — a suggestion he dismissed as ludicrous.

“It’s being said because people can’t believe that this happened,” he said. Asked about whether the jewelry was insured, he dismissed the question as “legal.”

The robbery was just the beginning of a very bad week for Whitehead. When two pastors from Atlanta, speaking on the livestream talk show “Larry Reid Live,” laughed at his church’s slapdash design, he joined the show as it was in progress and flew into a rage, mocking a female pastor’s weight and using an anti-gay slur.

At the same time, troubles from his past were coming to the surface, including the time he spent in prison and the lawsuits he faced in New York accusing him of walking off with large amounts of money from people he knew. Court records from New Jersey show that Whitehead owes more than $400,000 in judgments to a construction company that built his house and the credit union that financed his Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover — revelations that he has dismissed as victim-shaming, even racist.

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  Not sure about the rest of you all ........but when it comes to handcuffs!  .......i trust no  fucker ...... ever ......never