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I am okay with this  .... o sure why the fans  are upset at all  ....there is nothing wrong with nudity on any level .......maybe its becasue i am a pig .........all men are pigs .....just every women like a  little  bacon between their  buns ............

‘Baywatch’ Star Donna D’Errico Says Her Joining OnlyFans ‘May Upset Some People’

Donna D’Errico is defying the haters who think she’s “too old” to wear a bikini.

The “Baywatch” star announced that she has joined OnlyFans, the subscriber-only social media site, joining her former costar Carmen Electra on the platform. D’Errico, who is 54, shared an explanation for why she started a page on OnlyFans in a post Tuesday on Instagram (see the post below).

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“I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously,” she wrote. “This post may upset some people. I don’t care.”

OnlyFans “is a social media platform pretty similar to the rest with a few big differences,” D’Errico wrote. “No censorship, and no bullying/haters. I’m in.”

For now, her OnlyFans page is free to subscribe to. The site allows creators to accept tips or paid private messages.

D’Errico said her OnlyFans page will feature bikini and lingerie-modeling pics, outtakes from magazine editorials, “me doing funny things in bikinis because I have such an incredible sense of humor yet am also so humble,” as well as new and vintage behind-the-scenes photos and videos. She added, “What you will not see: My hoo-ha. What I don’t want to see: Your manhood.”

The one-time Playboy model and actor called out the hypocrisy of some people’s attitudes toward OnlyFans. “All these celebs posting nude and topless pics of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time covering their important bits with their hands,” she wrote. “Boom, thousands of likes & comments talking about body positivity and confidence and empowerment and you go girl! Hot! But take that same photo of that same celeb and put it on [OnlyFans] where she can control who sees it and now she’s gross and hard up. People kill me.”

She’s hit back at online bullies before — most recently in a July 16 post on Instagram. “Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate,’” D’Errico wrote. “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want.”

According to D’Errico, she is running her OnlyFans account personally: “I’m not using an agency to run it for me, and refuse to use those hired chatters to pretend to be me in the messages. That’s rampant now. But I’ll have fun with this for a bit and if it gets to be too much to handle on my own I’ll just shut it down.”

Founded in 2016, OnlyFans has become a home for creators and performers monetizing sexually explicit content. Last summer, the company prompted an outcry from adult performers after announcing plans to ban pornography, citing the need to comply with policies of its banking partners. A week later, the site reversed itself, dropping the plans to ban sexually explicit material after saying it “secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community.”

OnlyFans is currently led by CEO Ami Gan, the company’s former chief marketing officer who assumed the role after founder Tim Stokely resigned. While continuing to support adult performers, OnlyFans also has embarked on an effort to recruit mainstream celebrities to its platform and has commissioned original content that is not adult in nature for OFTV, its free streaming platform and app, including a reality show from British reality TV stars Chloe, Demi and Frankie Sims after their exit from “The Only Way Is Essex.”

Read D’Errico’s Instagram post about joining OnlyFans:

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