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I think  the mixture of social media.........and three generations of  useless  parenting .....self entitlement ........single moms .......weak dads .......but mostly social media instagram .........twitter ........ and  facebook  have been the  catalyst  for selfie absorbed  fucking idiots ........ wanna get famous  .....all for the wrong reasons ,,,,,,,,you see  idiots doing the ice bucket  challenges ........ the milks crate challenges ..........  cinamon  powderr  challenges  .....all mindless shit to get likes........ and  money......... and  yes some have died  .......that's the good gets rid of  stupidity will never end  as the line  for  stupid  rows  every single day 

Argument over parking space ends with three shot and one killed, Georgia police say

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Three people were shot, one fatally, during an argument over a parking space in Georgia, news outlets report.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Odyssey Lounge on Marietta Street in Atlanta around 3:15 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, the Atlanta Police Department said in a news release. Two victims were found at the scene.

One was pronounced dead, and the other was taken to a hospital “alert, conscious and breathing,” police said.

Around the same time, additional officers were called to a gas station about a person shot, police said. The person had “sustained a gunshot wound to his foot and advised he was shot at Odyssey Lounge.”

Police told WSBTV that he had tried to drive himself to a hospital but stopped at the gas station to call for help.

“He was transported to the hospital alert, conscious and breathing,” police said.

Police said they believe the shooting followed an argument over a parking space, WSBTV reported.

“Right now this does appear to be an escalated dispute over a parking space, possibly a vehicle being blocked in,” Maj. Carlo Peek with the Atlanta Police Department told WAGA.

Officials haven’t said whether anyone involved in the argument was at the Odyssey Lounge or whether the vehicle in question was parked at the business, WXIA reported.

Police didn’t say whether any arrests have been made or whether any suspects have been identified.

“Homicide Detectives responded to the scenes and will be working to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident,” police said. “The investigation continues.”

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