Monday, August 8, 2022

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Scientists Fear We’re Not Ready for Nightmare New COVID Variant

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty

A wave of COVID infections caused by the BA.5 subvariant has crested. All over the world, daily new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are going down.

But the SARS-CoV-2 virus is almost certainly here to stay. Another wave is all but inevitable as new variants and subvariants mutate, compete for dominance, and find new transmission pathways.

How fast that wave comes, and how bad it gets, probably comes down to a genetic competition between different mutations of the novel coronavirus. If we get lucky, a mild form of the virus wins out—and buys us time to prepare for a worse form of the virus that’s almost certainly coming, sooner or later.

If we’re unlucky, that worse one comes sooner.

The scientific community is taking nothing for granted. “What we have learned from this pandemic is to expect the unexpected,” Cindy Prins, a University of Florida epidemiologist, told The Daily Beast.

BA.5, an offshoot of the basic Omicron variant, was still dominant when epidemiologists began looking for the version of COVID that might come after BA.5. They’ve identified two main possibilities.

There’s One Thing Standing Between Us and the COVID Vaccination of Our Dreams

The best of the likely possibilities is yet another form of Omicron, a variant our immune systems recognize and know how to beat. The worst is some brand-new variant that might slip right past our antibodies. A Pi, Rho or Sigma variant, if you will.

Either outcome is possible. The only thing experts don’t expect is for COVID to just… disappear. “The virus always figured out a way to survive,” John Swartzberg, a professor emeritus of infectious diseases and vaccinology at the University of California-Berkeley’s School of Public Health, told The Daily Beast. “I see nothing that suggests it’s not going to continue to do that.”

BA.5 is the third major subvariant of Omicron, itself the third major variant of the virus after Alpha and Delta. BA.1, the baseline Omicron, became dominant late last year, replacing forms of Delta.

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