Tuesday, August 16, 2022

ask me !!!!!

 Ask me do i care  ........i dare ya!!!!!!.......well actually i do not   .....its payback  for  all the wrong  germany has done  ....payback is a bitch  .......its not like they were  not warned  ....they are rude and  did not think it  would  happpen  to them .....but  he   who laughs  first  ........you know that sayng  about laughing and  shit .......well stock up on  weinerschnitzels ......folks  the price   might  double  .....or  treble  ....or  quadruple ........i am vegeterian ........so unless they do veggie  version .........i do not  give a  FF

Europe drought: German industry at risk as Rhine level falls

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's main industry lobby group warned Tuesday that factories may have to throttle production or halt it completely because plunging water levels on the Rhine River are making it harder to transport cargo.

The Rhine's level at Emmerich, near the Dutch border, dropped by a further four centimeters (1.6 inches) in 24 hours, hitting zero on the depth gauge.

Authorities say the shipping lane itself still has a depth of almost 200 centimeters (six feet, six inches), but the record low measurement Tuesday morning highlights the extreme lack of water caused by months of drought affecting much of Europe.

“The ongoing drought and the low water levels threaten the supply security of industry,” said Holger Loesch, deputy head of the BDI business lobby group.

Loesch said shifting cargo from river to train or transport was difficult because of limited rail capacity and a lack of drivers.

“It's only a question of time before facilities in the chemical and steel industry have to be switched off, petroleum and construction materials won't reach their destination, and high-capacity and heavy-goods transports can't be carried out anymore,” he said, adding that this could lead to supply bottlenecks and short-time work might result.

Loesch warned that energy supplies could also be further strained as ships carrying coal and gasoline along the Rhine are affected.

Drivers in southern Germany already have to pay considerably more for fuel than those further north, according to Germany's biggest motor club. The ADAC said diesel was being sold for under 1.82 euros ($1.84) per liter in Hamburg, while in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg it cost on average 1.97 euros.

The BDI said droughts such as that seen this year could become more frequent in the future, and urged the government to help closely monitor water levels and react early to potential transportation problems on Germany's waterways.


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