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  so fricking glad i live in sunny florida......  the world  comes here ......i save a bloody fortune on vacations ......especially right now  when every one is  getting fucked over on ....gas fun to travel....... unless you have cash .......of course....... and you are single wife kids .....bills........  mortgage payments ......etc ...etc ....... ......

Fourth of July 'travel drama': Airlines warn passengers to prepare for issues

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Barrett Lane was on his way from Washington, D.C., to one of his college best friend’s wedding in Thousand Oaks, California, when his flight was delayed ahead of July Fourth weekend.

The 34-year-old transportation project manager and his husband had flown into Newark, New Jersey, where they were supposed to change planes, when their United Airlines flight to Los Angeles was pushed back four hours because of a maintenance problem.

Several more delays later, the couple boarded the plane Wednesday night along with other passengers, and sat at the gate for three hours.

The airline eventually let them deplane, and the flight was pushed back until the morning. Hotels were full, so the couple slept on cots on the airport floor.

“I think I maybe slept like an hour total,” Lane told USA TODAY. By the time the flight finally took off the next morning, it had been delayed more than 14 hours.

While Lane's experience was on the extreme end, flight delays and cancellations have become all too common this summer as air transportation struggles to get back to normal after the pandemic-era slump.

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United gave the couple a total of $60 in food vouchers and $300 in-flight credit each, Lane said. A customer service representative also told Lane the airline would refund the miles he used for the flight (his husband booked separately and had not called customer service yet). And while he planned to skip the wedding rehearsal to rest, he is going to try to enjoy the trip and occasion.

"You can talk about your travel drama for a little bit ... but the focus is on the bride and the groom and the wedding party," he said. "So, I'm going to try my best not to be the main character this weekend."


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