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 It's over population .....we are fucking shit up  including the water  supply .....too many  fuckers  having fuckers ..... having fuckers ....just look at social media ........hell ........i know  i am no  ambassador for the human race .....we  fuck up everything....... we  touch .........epsecially america  ....they are the  king of  fucking shit up .....just look at how america took the simple art of  yoga .......and   bastardized it beyond  there  is  the yoga pants trend  ....not that i mind  a  hot  babe in hot  yoga pants .....but  people were   getting certified and   hurting people without knowledge .....thats just an example  there are so many .......however we are disrespectful of water and its  going to start  fucking us all up ...i see these  little  bastards  working in places  letting the  water  run ....not  conserving it  ....worst is  starbucks  ....which i  hate .....but hey  just an example ....its  going to  get  worse 

'It's such a strange thing to see': Photos show Lake Mead on the verge of becoming a 'dead pool'

Scenes around Lake Mead as persistent drought drives water levels to their lowest point in history.

The sun began to set but the temperature hovered around 106 degrees. I was there to document one of the latest objects to emerge from Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, serving the needs of some 20 million people in the Desert Southwest.

In recent weeks, lots of things have resurfaced, including dead bodies, formerly sunken boats and trash.

“It’s a totem pole for the climate age,” said Sam Morris, as he photographed a battered power boat, its stern buried in the mud of the drying lake, its bow pointing sharply upward at the almost cloudless sky. “It’s such a strange thing to see.”


A white band of dried rock now surrounds the vast lake.

A white "bathtub ring" around Echo Bay is evidence of the declining water level in Lake Mead.
Kayakers taking their gear out of the water are dwarfed by a white bathtub ring around Echo Bay in Lake Mead. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

It’s called a “bathtub ring” and clearly shows how much water levels have dropped in the last two decades, amid the driest conditions of the last 1,200 years, according to scientists. I was surprised by how much lower the lake looked from a year ago when I was last here.

The situation is critical.

The lake’s surface is at about 1,045 feet above sea level. If it drops another 150 feet, there will not be enough water flowing through Hoover Dam to supply large metropolitan centers downstream, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego. When that happens, Lake Mead will be a “dead pool.”


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