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 Like i have said many many many times before .......this nation has no respect for life  on any level ........the whole culture  disgusting ......the way they  treat animals on a  level of  disrespect ..........they do not  seem  to  care about diseases  or  catching them though food ......they will never  stop .....its  complete  arrogance  and  ignorance  and  disregard  for life 

In China's Wuhan, cholera-causing bacteria in turtles strikes nerve

FILE PHOTO: Buildings are seen at sunset, almost a year after the global outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan
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BEIJING (Reuters) -Detection in the Chinese city of Wuhan of a bacteria that caused cholera in a student and was separately found in samples from softshell turtles at a food market has struck a sensitive nerve with ordinary Chinese people, with some relating it to COVID-19.

The food market where samples from softshell turtles tested positive of the pathogen capable of causing cholera has been disinfected, local authorities said late on Thursday.

While no human cholera case was found among people who came in contact with the softshell turtles, the specific store selling them was ordered to shut down for three days.

Authorities said that the vibrio cholerae O139 strain for the student's infection, announced on Monday, and the contaminated samples are unrelated.



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