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A topless woman attempted to ride a lost dolphin trying to find its way back to sea, video shows

A bottlenose dolphin pictured in the Moray Firth, Scotland.
A bottlenose dolphin pictured in the Moray Firth, Scotland.Getty Images
  • A topless woman tried to ride a lost dolphin in the sea in the Netherlands.

  • A video shows the woman repeatedly trying to mount the animal as others attempt to stop her.

  • Dutch police said that an investigation was underway into whether a crime had taken place.

A topless woman attempted to ride a lost dolphin that was trying to find its way back to sea in the Netherlands.

A video posted on social media shows the woman repeatedly climbing on top of the dolphin's back and attempting to mount it.

Some beachgoers can be heard applauding in the background while two men try to stop her. At the end of the video, she can be seen continuing to hold onto the animal's dorsal fin.


The incident took place in the sea near Zandvoort, according to Dutch outlet RTL News.

Police said that an investigation is underway to determine whether a criminal offense was committed, the outlet reported. Officials said the woman had reported herself to the police.

SOS Dolfijn, a Dutch whale rescue organization, said it was "very disturbing" to see the animal in Zandvoort.

"These are toothed whales, and they do not belong in the North Sea. They are deep-sea animals," the organization said, per RTL News.

"If they end up in the North Sea, they get into trouble. These animals do not survive well in these types of waters. They look for food at a depth of two to three kilometers," Annemarie van den Berg from SOS Dolfijn said.

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