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I am always happy to post anything bad .....or negative  about china....... and its  problems.....why....... because of how they treat animals........ and humans.......  as i have already posted  ........its  a nasty servile  country ....... where they poisonn and abuse children in sweat shops..... and such like .....its a country that  has no  conscience  ......or  regard .... for anything  and  their hostility....... and  underhanded  ignorance  toward  other  countries  ....and chinese people  are  so  racist themselves ....... they do not  like to mix  with others  ......and they  let their  country  shit all over  them ......   

Jeep’s China Failure Sends Foreboding Signal to Global Carmakers

(Bloomberg) --

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It was one of the very first international auto brands to enter China, widely recognized by consumers and understood by its owners to have huge potential. And yet, Jeep is shutting down its only plant in the world’s largest market.

The announcement this week that Stellantis plans to terminate its local joint venture with state-owned Guangzhou Automobile Group was the culmination of a seemingly can’t-miss wager gone awry. And it begs some unsettling questions about what the future holds for foreign manufacturers in China.

The government set out 40 years ago or so to develop the nation’s auto industry by pairing local companies with experienced international players, among the earliest of which was former Jeep owner American Motors. These proverbial training wheels are not only no longer needed, but out of step with President Xi Jinping’s desire for China to become more self-reliant. The golden age of brisk growth and abundant profits for these various joint ventures appears to be over.

“We’re at the beginning of the end


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