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i will never understand this


I will never understand this mentality ....people who cannot  afford  kids  having them ....them putting them in cages ....what a third world fucked  up mind  ....can you imagine  what the kid is  going to be your stupid mind  somewhere have to know you cannot  afford  a fucking  low  and  stupid  do you have  to be  .....if you cannot  afford  something .....don't  have it 

Video shows woman in China keeping in her son locked in a cage so she can watch over him while she works, reports say

An image of a child inside a metal cage in Guizhou, Tongren city
Footage shows a young boy being kept in a cage on a pushcart from which flavored iced jelly, a type of dessert, is sold.Screengrab/Weibo
  • A clip of a boy inside a cage on a metal pushcart was circulated on China's Twitter-like Weibo.

  • The child's mother reportedly said she locked him in the cart for eight hours a day as she worked.

  • The woman said she could not afford childcare and had no choice but to bring her son to work.

A video clip showing a young boy kept in a cage on a pushcart has been widely circulated over China's Twitter-like Weibo platform.

The 12-second clip shows the boy reaching through the grilles of the cage for the person filming him.

In the footage, a sign appears to obscure the cage from passersby. The sign indicates that the pushcart operator sells flavored iced jelly, a type of dessert.

In an interview with the Chinese media outlet Wanxiang News, the unnamed mother of the boy from Tongren in the southwestern province of Guizhou said that she had no choice but to bring her 2-year-old to work.

The woman told Wanxiang News that her family was poor and that she could not afford childcare. She said she also needed a way to make sure her child didn't run around and get into trouble when she wasn't paying attention — hence, the need for a cage.

Speaking with the Chinese media outlet Xi'an Broadcast, the woman said that she worked for about eight hours a day.

"We don't have money. Every time it comes to the time to buy milk powder, we don't have cash. We eat one meal, and there's no money left for the next," the woman told the outlet.

She added that the child could not be left with his father because he "did not care" and spent all his time playing games online, the outlet reported.

According to Xi'an Broadcast, the woman said: "I try to let him out when there aren't customers around. I know my child is suffering so much."

Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping claimed that China had eliminated extreme poverty, saying his government had lifted "all 98.99 million people" in poor rural areas out of poverty.

In the same year, China's government encouraged couples to have more children, enacting a landmark policy shift to allow people to have up to three children. But many couples in China say they cannot afford to start families, partly because of the high cost of raising children.

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