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Like i was  saying ...they will  just keep making up names more vaccines  can be given .....i have to say having covid twice .......its no fucking fun at all takes the fucking life out of you really does knock your ass in ......but i strongly believe someone is  up to no fucking good.....the covid is the worst ......hurts like hell i do not know  what the variant are like  but i am masking like a  fucker now .......i cannot  go through this again ......i don't care its not worth the grief ....... but how many vaccines can pne tke in the system before you start having major side effects .......only time wil tell i am not going into busy places now it ain't worth the  grief ..........

New Omicron Offshoot BA.2 Arrives In U.S. After Spreading In U.K., Denmark, India

Just as the Omicron wave may have broken across the U.S. comes word of another version of the more transmissible variant, dubbed BA.2. It’s been nicknamed by some “stealth Omicron” because it seems to evade identification better than its predecessor.

While other new variants that seemed worrisome — like Mu or Lambda — have had little impact, and details remain sketchy, early indications are that BA.2 seems to be spreading even in countries where the original Omicron lineage, BA.1, is dominant.

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In Denmark, a country whose Covid policies are often contrasted with the U.S., BA.2 now accounts for nearly half of the test samples sequenced. In the final week of December, according to data from Statens Serum Institut under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Health, the subvariant accounted for 20% of all Covid cases in Denmark. By the second week of January, its share had risen to about 45% of the total.

“During the same period, the relative frequency of BA.1 has dropped,” according to a statement from the institute. “BA.1 and BA.2 have many differences in their mutations in the most important areas. In fact, the difference between BA.1 and BA.2 is greater than the difference between the original variant and the Alpha variant.”

An initial analysis instances of BA.2 in the country “shows no differences in hospitalisations,” according to SSI. It’s also unclear how effective the current vaccines are against the subvariant.

Great Britain, Norway, France, India and Sweden are also experiencing cases of the Omicron offshoot to lesser degrees, as is the U.S. See map below and a fuller list here.


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