Tuesday, August 24, 2021

what a shitty arse way to die

 I mean FFS .....FMOB.........what a fucking  garbage way to die ......by your PJ's caught in the oven ........kind of   really shitty way to go ......talk about bad luck  ....lucky its  not a dude  that is not a macho  way to  check out...... fucked  by your  PJ's

Barmaid died after being strangled by pyjamas caught in oven door

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Jackie Michelle Cottrill was found dead at her home on 24 January. (Reach)
Jackie Michelle Cottrill was found dead at her home on 24 January. (Reach)

A well-known barmaid who “pulled a pint in every pub in Blackburn” died after being strangled by her own pyjamas in an accident at her home.

Jackie Michelle Cottrill was found dead on 24 January by her nephew Josh Brocklebank, who had been staying with her.

Brocklebank came downstairs to find his aunt had been strangled after her clothing was caught in the oven.

At an inquest at Preston Coroner’s Court, Dr James Adeley said he had “never come across such an unusual case” in his 20 years as a coroner.

Dr Adeley read out statements from Cottrill’s loved ones who described her as a “happy and sociable person” who worked hard in her job as a barmaid.

In a statement, Brocklebank said he had gone downstairs in the early hours when his aunt had made him a bacon sandwich.

“He went to bed, then he woke at 1pm and left his room at 2pm,” Dr Adeley said.

He went into the kitchen and found her collapsed by the oven door.

The inquest heard 52-year-old Cottrill had suffered a stroke six years prior to her death, but she did not suffer any balance problems as a result.

A full post-mortem examination revealed no signs of disease or natural death, and the cause of death was the compression of Cottrill’s neck caused by her pyjama top becoming accidentally entangled in the oven door.

Following discussion with Cottrill’s family, the coroner recorded the cause of death as asphyxiation as he wanted to make it clear it was purely an accident.

“It is very unusual that someone who was fit and well managed to suspend themselves accidentally from the oven door,” Dr Adeley said.

“What appears to have happened is that for some reason she has fallen and caught her pyjama top on the lower handle of the oven door.

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“I can’t explain how she ended up in this position, it’s a very unusual case. In my 20 years of doing this I have never come across this happening.”

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