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good riddance

Good riddance i say ......bastard  should have been jailed and  suffered  ....but he took the cowards way out ........but i am glad this  guy did himself in he  knew  he was  cooked ......simple  really........he should have  been man enough to suffer but knew  he would be in  jail getting raped everyday ......i am sure his victims  are  sort of happy ........he knew  larry nasser  was  getting  blood farts  everyday he quit .......there is  no excuse for this  behavior  under  an circumstances  .....none .......

Former U.S. gymnastics coach John Geddert kills himself hours after being charged with 24 crimes

Chris Cwik

Former U.S Olympics women's gymnastics head coach John Geddert died by suicide Thursday.

Geddert, 63, died hours after he was charged with 24 crimes, including sexual assault, racketeering and human trafficking.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel confirmed Geddert's death and said, "This is a tragic end to a tragic story for everyone involved."

Geddert was expected to turn himself in at the Eaton County Sheriff's Department at 2:15 p.m. Eastern, but did not show up, according to the Detroit News.

Twenty of the 24 charges against Geddert were related to human trafficking. Geddert also received one charge of racketeering and two charges of criminal sexual assault of a teen.

Geddert's final charge involved lying to investigators over the Larry Nassar case.

John Geddert linked to Larry Nassar

Nassar — who was sentenced to 175 years in prison in 2018 — served as the U.S. Olympics women's gymnastics team doctor during Geddert's tenure as head coach. Nassar pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual assault in 2018. He was sentenced to a maximum of 60 years in prison in 2017 for child pornography crimes. Over 150 of Nassar's victims spoke at his sentencing, which lasted seven days.

Geddert was mentioned multiple times during Nassar's sentencing. One woman claimed Geddert was informed about an "inappropriate procedure” Nassar performed on the woman when she was 16. The woman's mother reportedly confronted Geddert about Nassar's behavior in 1998. That contradicted statements Geddert made to officers during the Nassar investigation, when Geddert claimed he was unaware of Nassar's crimes.

At Nassar's sentencing, one of Geddert's former gymnasts said Geddert deserved “to sit behind bars right next to Larry."

After being suspended by USA Gymnastics in 2018, Geddert informed parents at his gymnastics club — Twistars — he was retiring. He turned over ownership of his club to his wife, Kathryn, in 2018.

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