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       well i mean what can you say .....his wife lied about being how embarrassing  ...she got  caught with her pants down .......not literally......philosophically .....but why  would she do  that impersonate a  spanish accent and  where she came  from is  almost as  bad  as  rosie o donnell  claiming to be irish  ....she is  not  but hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......hilaria  baldwin is  fake  ....i mean  trying to fake a  foreign accent and  shit .....maybe alec  thought it was  sexy  ...maybe he thought  he  could  fantasize  about banging a female  bullfighter  .....but it turns  out she is  all america  girl .......oh well she has  popped  out  little kids  for  him he is too old  to care  or  start  again  probably the next course of  action is to leave twitter ......i am sure  jack dorsey is  pissed about the  donald  trump impersonator   bailing on his  billionaire arse .....she  even went to the trouble of  concocting a fake name  its  actually hilary ........sounds  less  attractive   when it is  not  said  hilaria  with a  castillian lisp ........maybe that is how  he  got hard  ....that and a  few  blue  pills  know these  castillian broads   all  fuego  signor !!!!!!!......just  hilary i think of  cankles and a  pant suit .......just me ....of  course ......never  mind i am  banned  from  twitter  too  ....thanks  jack ....nice one .....cheers  mate  for  nothing can on;ly say  so much  shite  anyways !!!!!!!!

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Alec Baldwin Says “Goodbye For Now” To Twitter Following Wife Hilaria’s Heritage Debacle

Alexandra Del Rosario

Alec Baldwin has flown the Twitter coop, announcing on Monday that he will leave the social media platform “for now.”

“Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not much of a party,” he Tweeted. “Goodbye for now.”

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Baldwin’s departure from Twitter comes weeks after wife Hilaria Baldwin’s came under fire after the internet began questioning the podcaster and author’s Spanish heritage. Old videos surfaced of Hilaria Baldwin seeming to speak with a Spanish accent. She was born in Boston, MA, but spent time in Spain growing up.

In an Instagram post, Hilaria Baldwin addressed those questioning and challenging her identity, explaining that she and her husband “celebrate both cultures in our home” in that they are raising their children to be bilingual.

Amid the controversy the 30 Rock and Saturday Night Liveactor defended his wife by posting an Instagram video in which he said “when you love somebody, you wanna defend them” and urged viewers to “consider the source.”

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