when you are rich

You see  j-lo and A-rod to tell people to vote whatever ............because their combined  will not affect their lives  ....they have money .......and will still spend  dollars ......but  rich people will not  get affected  ,......and they know this ...unlike the poor  lesser  educated  ...the commoners  ....who think life will always be easier .....but at the end of the  day  famous poeple  do not give a  fuck .....because they have dosh/cash/flims/dollars .........so whatever they say does not matter ....unlike  poor  people  when their lives  will change .........the masses who  vote do not get it ....they are pawns  ...always being used  .....that is what govt does ........use the masses ....and they live in fear and buy it .......that's the way it will always be .......and politicians use  famous people  they do not suffer ...unlike the commoners .....

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez tweet support for Joe Biden, encourage others to get out and vote

Chris Cwik

Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and singer/songwriter Jennifer Lopez want you to get out and vote. Lopez and Rodriguez spoke with presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden about some of the issues affecting Latinos as the 2020 Presidential election approaches.

The conversation, which Rodriguez posted on Twitter, runs roughly five minutes. In it, Lopez and Rodriguez ask Biden how he plans to attack coronavirus, and express concerns over how the Latino community has been hit hard by the virus.

While Lopez and Rodriguez don’t explicitly say, “I’m going to vote for Joe Biden” in the clip, both tweets sent out by Rodriguez include the VOTE hashtag and tag both Joe and Jill Biden. The link in both tweets takes you to makeaplan.com, which shows you how, when and where you can vote in the Nov. 3 election.

Alex Rodriguez supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 election

Rodriguez’s endorsement of Biden shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering he donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, according to CBS Sports. Rodriguez reportedly gave $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

It’s unclear whether Rodriguez now supports Democrats or if he’s merely against President Donald Trump. When Rodriguez played for the Yankees in 2007, he donated to Rudy Giuliani’s campaign. Giuliani is a Republican.

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