Thursday, October 29, 2020

realty is not real


None of the reality shows are real .....none  .....gas anyone ever  died on them no .....does anyone ever  get smashed into a pulp no ....its TV ....attorneys  have destroyed america can't do this can't do that ....hell even the media is fake .....look at these  bastards  all fake ....even the today show ....i bet the govt is a fucking side show  ...which i [personally think it is ......they use the word  reality to con a simple mind  ....but as we all know the mindless  popcorn crunching masses love tobe mushrooms ......that is  .....kept in the dark and  fed  shit .....which in america .....just look at the kardashains they have made millions  and i mean millions  for the stupid low self worth pre-pubescent mall rats  who have no self  worth/esteem ...and they follow these  highly skilled  mannequins in their so called  real lives  ...which are not .....

Ad men and  suchlike  prey on the female  self esteem on the tv ....placement is everything .....and they sell everything  from piss pads  to eye liner  ...and women lap that shit up .......that's where the money is not guys .......guys like beer ....trucks and pussy ........straight men .......women all have self esteem issues  this is why ad men play on this  ......look at today show  all mainly geared  towards  women ....why ....that's  what the market is .....go figure  not hard.....

The problem is there are so many fools  believe what they see on TV.... its all bullshit........


This article was originally published on our sister site Living Magazine

Not many reality shows on The History Channel have become as popular as Counting Cars. The show immediately attracted car enthusiasts, but other folks started tuning in because the show provides incredible entertainment for non-car lovers too. It’s a beautiful combination of fantastic cars, skilled mechanic work, and some engaging drama that keeps viewers hooked. It really is the perfect storm for a successful show.


Photo by Leftfield / Kobal / Shutterstock

With some serious and emotional moments, Counting Cars managed to capture the hearts of America to become incredibly popular. But as reality shows go, there is more to the show than what producers and editors care to show. There are a lot of scenes that are fabricated and even scripted, as well as things that may seem fake but are actually real.

Fasten your seatbelt because today we are taking a deep look into The History Channel’s hit reality show Counting Cars. Get ready to shift gears and see what’s real and what’s fake.

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