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people need attention ....thats all it is


It is all about getting attention and to be liked  ....otherwise  why would you do it .......i do not have that answer ....all i know it's like social media ....its about  being attention starved .......maybe bad  parents never  paid attention to them as a  child ....who knows  ....really who cares  not i .....i personally do not think she is  attractive .....but she has a  vagina someone will plug/pork/bang her .........there will always be a plug to fit a hole .......not the other way around ..........

life moves at you fast ...get out the way ....or you will get hit !!!!!!!

Woman spends $120K on body modifications to morph into a 'blue eyes white dragon'

Korin Miller
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28, 2020: AMBER LUKE, 25, from Brisbane, Australia has 600 tattoos covering her face and body. She first filmed with Truly last year, revealing her blue tattooed eyes which blinded her for three weeks. Since then, she has continued to add to her collection with stretched ear lobes, more tattoos, and plans to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. Her journey into body modification began when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at 16-years-old. She explained the reasons behind her extreme look to Truly: "I know it sounds very materialistic that I want to change myself but imagine hating yourself so much that you couldn't even look in a mirror or step outside your house. It was just, it was a horrific way to live." Amber has now spent $50,000 on tattoos, and $70,000 overall on body modifications. She joked that the high cost makes her mum cry, but Amber doesn't "plan on stopping anytime soon". Her next procedure will be a Brazilian Butt Lift, which she has gained 10 kilos for, as the fat will be injected into her butt. She said: "A lot of people will give me scrutiny for this because, you know, 'Why not just go to the gym'?" Amber continued: "I'm lazy, I'd rather pay the 15 grand." Now she feels much more content and has been with her partner Sam for six months. "He is absolutely amazing," she said. "There's not anything that I do or say that scares him away." PHOTOGRAPH BY Joshua Maguire / Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing - NOTE: This Photo Can Only Be Used Within Context With The Information Provided In The Metadata (Photo credit should read Joshua Maguire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)
Amber Luke, from Brisbane, Australia has 600 tattoos covering her face and body. (Joshua Maguire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

A heavily-tattooed Australian woman is revealing she went through $120,000 worth of body modifications to morph from a blond-haired teen to what she describes on Instagram as a “blue eyes white dragon.”

Amber Luke, 25, recently shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories under the caption “body modification is the ultimate form of self-expression.” She also has a section in her Instagram account dedicated to before and after photos of her surgeries, including breast augmentation and a butt enhancement.

Among other things, Luke has a split tongue, lip tattoo, gauged ears, tattoos on nearly every part of her body and has even tattooed the sclera (whites of her eyes) blue.

Luke has shared photos of herself pre-transformation on Instagram, noting that she was “catatonically depressed, suicidal and was a walking dead girl.” She added, “I was numb. I hated myself [the] majority of the time - that hatred ran deep. It tormented me.”

Now, Luke wrote, she’s “totally transformed myself into someone [I’m] proud of being. I’m a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and who she is.”


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