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like i say stupid is

 Like i have said .....people who are getting worked up over political shit are completely retarded you think any politician is  going to come rescue this dick .......he is  not a  smart man !!!!!!......why would you rest your  reputation........ and common sense of  such a stupid waste of time .....i hope he goes to jail  for  this ......... he  will have  time to think how much of a  wanker he is  ......what a  waste of  energy......i am still trying to figure out why all these people are voting for something that's rigged ....still i guess  if you believe that your govt cares  for your dumb ass .......good luck .....

Arizona man arrested after telling Black men ‘this is a no n—- zone’

Biba Adams

Paul Ng questioned a pair of guys recording a YouTube show in Scottsdale. Things spiraled from there.

An Arizona man has been arrested after he accosted two young Black men outside of his mixed-use commercial/residential property over the weekend.

As seen in captured video, the man, Paul Ng, stopped the pair, who were reportedly recording a YouTube show, and inquires what they are photographing. Asking Ng why he is interested in their presence, the young man says, “Do you know a lot of white men are doing racist things in this world, sir?”

Paul Ng questioned a pair of Black men who were reportedly recording a YouTube show in Scottsdale, Arizona and told them they were in “a no [n-word] zone.” He was subsequently arrested.

Ng responds, “I am a racist. I am a racist.” 

“Okay, that’s fine. So what’s your point? Why are you here?” the young man asks.

“Because this is a no [n-word] zone,” Ng replies.

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The young man paraphrases the statement, saying that it can’t be a “no [n-word] zone” because “I’m here.”

He tells Ng to step back; neither man is wearing a face-covering amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Ng mentions that they should be “six feet.”

The young man says that he feels threatened and tells Ng that if he touches him or his friend, that he is “going to lay his bitch-ass down.”

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Ultimately, the young man who identifies himself as “a famous YouTuber” shows the business where Ng is using a leaf blower, saying that it was his establishment. According to the Phoenix New Times, that business clarified that Ng lives in an apartment upstairs and is not associated with the store.

The young man, LilAJDre, shared the video on his IG TV channel and YouTube page, and it has racked up hundreds of thousands of views. It was also shared by activist Shaun King, whose massive following helped the incident rack up over a million views.

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Ng was arrested with disorderly conduct by Scottsdale Police.

The man was previously an independent contractor with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, a luxury real estate firm. They issued a statement that said Ng had been fired and his license severed.

The company also said they plan to donate some of Ng’s previous commissions to charity.

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