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As far back as i recall living in the UK ,,,,,,,no brits  want to be part of the EU ,.......ever !!!!!!!! ......they hated the fact of  all the rules and  regulations ..........brits love being brits!!!!!! ,,,,,they do not want to be  part of  something else  ....and they love the british pound ......... which as far as i know these  days  ,......they do not want to give it up ........the brits  love the quid ........the flim ......the sov..........i am surprised it took this long has been nothing but trouble anyway for the brits  ..the EU....always  i know  brits hated  it for  years and years ........i mean  it must have had  some good intentions   somewhere .......i don't  know  what they were  travel ........likely ......i know  some people unemployed in UK  travelled  abroad    and  were  covered.......... i think ......but i  do not know  what  benefits  helped  the brits ............anyays  i  bet most brits are saying TTFN......ta ta for now ........ or  auf wheidhersen pet !!!!!!! revoir ,.........chow!!!!!!!!!!!

EU countries preparing for no-deal Brexit and potential 'chaos'

James Crisp
European Union and the Union Jack flags -  JOHN THYS/ AFP
European Union and the Union Jack flags - JOHN THYS/ AFP

EU member states are wargaming strategies for no-deal Brexit, including the possible resumption of negotiations with the UK after the deadline passed.

One senior diplomatic source at an influential member state said that there was a risk that the two sides were too entrenched in their positions to get a deal before the deadline. While admitting that the schism would be painful, the senior diplomat said it could concentrate minds on both sides.

“We will have a period of chaos, but if we need to see how things evolve and how much it hurts before politicians come to their senses, then so be it,” the diplomat said.

“There is nothing that says that just because there is a no deal there can never be trade negotiations again.

“We could have a scenario where it will not work out in time, but sometime in the future.”

Another EU source insisted that there would be no resumption of trade negotiations with Brussels in the aftermath of no deal. Instead Britain would be forced to strike bilateral agreements with individual member countries to mitigate the economic impact.

The European Commission has pushed for a coordination role on those bilateral deals to ensure they do not harm other member states’ interests. Other sources said that eventually UK-EU trade negotiations would have to resume with the European Commission, which handles negotiations on behalf of the bloc, after no deal on January 1.

But they warned a chastened UK would be faced with exactly the same demands over the level playing field when they returned to the negotiating table. The only difference would be the UK would have less goodwill and leverage, they claimed.

Boris Johnson has said he will walk out of Brexit talks if a deal is not “in sight” by the EU summit on October 15, before the EU’s end-of-month deadline, but that threat is not taken seriously in Brussels.

The Prime Minister has promised to stay in regular contact with Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, as negotiations hurtle towards the endgames.


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