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So here's a thing .......i never  had kids or  wanted kids ........ever.....but if i did have them ....i would never introduce them into cruelty ......i would let them make that decision when they are old enough and have their own gig .......secondly i do not hum  for the simple reason ...there is no competition ....animals  cannot shoot back so what is the point .......there is no risk far as i can see .........unless the friend /hunter kills himself or  partner.....which is pretty much i guess what happened  here .......i do not get the sport .....never  have i do not consider it a sport to me is when the odds are  even  against one  bullfighting  cowardly sport  ....for  cowards  ......i feel if a man  can kill a defenseless  animal he is  dangerous .....simple  .....a real man will fight a real man  one on one ......that's a sport .....or man fight a bear.....or gorilla ......not going to happen are cowards .....simple  if they were not  then they would not hunt simple ,........i have no sympathy for his loos  he may or may not learn something ......usually not ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9-year-old hunting with father accidentally shoots, kills himself, Nebraska cops say

Mike Stunson

A father-son hunting trip left a 9-year-old boy dead Sunday following an accidental shooting, according to Nebraska police.

Gunnar Holte was pheasant hunting with his father around Branched Oak Lake in Lincoln on Sunday morning when the incident occurred, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office told KLKN.

The boy was reloading his shotgun when his father heard it fire, KETV reported from the sheriff’s office. When the father turned around, he found Gunnar on the ground, according to KLKN.

Gunnar’s dad found an off-duty police officer in the area and they began CPR on the boy, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. He died at a nearby hospital.

“It’s just a very tragic incident,” Capt. Tom Brookhouser told the Journal Star. “Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family.”

The shooting appeared to be an accident, KETV reported.

Gunnar attended St. John Lutheran School in Seward. The school said Sunday it is grieving Gunnar’s death.

Children 15 years old and younger were allowed to hunt pheasant, quail and partridge with an accompanying adult with a hunting license last Saturday and Sunday in Nebraska..

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