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bikinis and broads


Bikinis .....who does not love them ....but i have always thought it is underwear for swimming in ......but women can justify clothing unlike men ....we  are basic ....shorts and that's it .......women accessorize a bikini with a wrap.....jewelery this and that .....etc do not need  all that shit ...but women have to complicate things  its  just part of being a chick........ its a billion dollar biz .......basically its 2 pieces of  cloth hiding bits .....which i think is over rated .....not the bits of course ......guys want them .....need  them ....but the accessories ......i mean  what is the permutations of  designs for such a smal piece of  fabric .......when i hear a women saying she is  a swimsuit designer i think the  following.......she has a rich boyfriend and fucks about with material ........has a rich boyfriend and has a load of scraps of cloth ..........has a rich husband and is  totally fucking  bored ........think about it apart form anything what are the  variations of  a bikini .....only woman can take that and make it a billion dollars  ....try that shit with a straight guy ......he walks into a place  sees shorts  if they fit he is  done for 2 years......... he will wear them fuckers  thin....unless he gets married then his shorts  get all fucked up ...........he gets  shit  no human being  would wear's a fact kidding.............

I've Basically Become a Bikini Instagram Expert—These 6 Styles Photograph Best

Adrienne Faurote

Bikinis hold a special place in my heart. Swimwear was the very first market I was assigned to edit when I became a fashion editor, and now, after years of discovering the latest trends, meeting designers, and working on photo shoots, I’ve become quite the bikini expert. From retro maillots and barely there bikinis to swim skirts and the return of the low rise, I've seen and tried them all. Thus, my Instagram has become a true testament to my ongoing love affair with bikinis.

We are inundated with bikini styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from (not a terrible situation), and it can be challenging to filter through and find the silhouettes that work best for you. Even though I have bins overflowing with every single bikini style you can imagine, I tend to remain loyal to the same six styles that are flattering and, of course, Insta-approved. I err on the side of high-cut, cheekier bottoms, as we’ve admitted the thong bikini trendmade its return this summer, because the cut elongates your legs and complements your curves. I also opt for textured fabrics; whether it’s ribbed or a scrunched knit, textured bikinis are aesthetically appealing on the ‘gram. Below is a complete guide to the six bikini styles that photograph best. Trust me, they won't let you down.

The V-Cut '80s Bottom

This '80s-inspired brief made its way into just about everyone's wardrobe this season, and there's a reason: The deep V-cut rests perfectly above your hips, creating an illusion of length by accentuating your legs. No need for photo editing when the swimsuit does it for you.

L*SPACE X REVOLVE Cabana Bikini Bottom ($84)

If I HAD to pick a favorite…

Sommer Swim Rae Bottom ($39)

Shop the matching Odine Top ($49).

The subtle shine of the fabric makes for a flawless photo.

Weworewhat Delilah Bikini Bottom ($95)

My go-to this season.

Zaful Tie Knot Front Spaghetti Strap High Cut Bikini Set Swimsuit ($19)

I would like all seven colors, please.

The Front-Tie Top

When it comes to Instagram, I've learned that quiet details can enhance the quality of a post. Update your classic two-piece with a unique front-tie detail to elevate a basic bikini top. Bonus: The front tie is extremely supportive.

Frankie's Bikinis Enzo Top ($90)

Shop the matching Enzo Bottom ($85).

A timeless silhouette.

Loveshackfancy Harbor Bikini Set in Sunset Pink ($195)

Call me crazy, but I'd pair this top with a skirt and cardigan for a night out.

River Island Bikini Top with Knot Front ($25)

Shop the matching River Island Plus bikini bottoms ($15).

Polka dots are always a must-have.

The Square-Neck Maillot

A rare sighting: me sporting a one-piece. Look, there's nothing wrong with a one-piece, but if I'm going to wear one, and go as far to Instagram it, it has to be just right.The newest neckline introduced this season is the square neck. This understated scoop accentuates the collarbones and, might I add, serves as the perfect canvas for a gold chain necklace.

Bound by Bond-Eye The Mara Ribbed One-Piece Swimsuit($96)

Everyone needs a Baywatch inspired one-piece.

Bound by Bond-Eye The Mara Ribbed One-Piece Swimsuit($160)

Just wait until you see the back of this.

Sea Level Maillot Scoopneck One-Piece Swimsuit ($66)

Sophistication at its finest.

The Cheeky Bottom

Embrace the cheekier cuts! I'm not saying you have to go full thong, but try opting for less coverage, which naturally complements your curves.

Jade Swim Aria Bikini Bottom ($44)

Au naturale.

Mikoh Bondi Bikini Bottoms ($45)

Shop the matching Lima Bikini top ($56).

The founders of Mikoh pretty much invented the cheeky brief.

Vix Swimwear Amber Cheeky Bikini Bottom in Scarlet($88)

Shop the matching Bikini Top ($118).

When you're ready to commit to the trend.

The Textured Crop Bikini

Remember those '90s scrunch tops? Well, they've made a return via these scrunched knit bikinis. The stretchy seersucker fabric complemented by the sporty crop fit makes for the ultimate dynamic duo.

Frankies Bikinis Connor Bikini Top ($80)

My go-to bikini this summer, hands down.

Bound by Bond-Eye The Saint Ribbed Bikini Top ($90)

Shop the matching High Cut Ribbed Bottom ($85).

Does it get more flattering?

Boohoo Mix & Match Textured Crop Bikini Top ($7)

A statement style, undoubtedly.

The Classic Triangle String Bikini

Revert back to the classic teeny-tiny string bikini. A style that has withstood the test of time and prevails as a swimwear staple will never steer you wrong on Insta.

Ellejay Ludi Top ($92)

Ellejay Jordyn Bottom ($88)

A very quintessential string bikini.

Onia Avery Top ($95)

Update this classic silhouette with a delicate floral print.

Jacquemus Albenga Bi-Colour Triangle Bikini ($115)

A color-blocking masterpiece.

Ashley Graham x Swimsuitsforall Icon White Triangle Bikini with Side Tie Brief ($63)

If you don't own a white string bikini, now is the time to invest in one.

Next, find out the swimwear trend all the Parisian girls are into right now.

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