Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Well of course !!!!!!!!!

Well i do not agree with riots ....but what i do agree with is .....the entrepreneurial spirit of those food truck vendors.....listen they have wives to feed and children to feed  ...because if they do not  look after the wife and kids ....she will just run off with another  food truck vendor......nothing personal ....just business .....well even looters ..rioters ....paid scufflers .......shit stirrers ...antifa ...and BLM....have to eat ...and you know  someone who has a brother.......or a sister .....or uncle....or cousin ....who knows an anti trump ....anti govt ....or whatever they believe in .....i mean i don't know but i guess rioting or looting or murdering or shooting  ...burns off excessive calories in the heat of the night's not easy being that those struggling vendors are just trying to make a  buck or 2 ....i wonder if they raise the prices .....special events and stuff like ....i personally do not get the whole food truck deal pay just as much to eat at a food truck as you would do to sit down at a restaurant and eat ....which to me makes no sense .....i  guess some people think its great to go and eat form a filthy outside environment there is an element of coolness ....hipness ........i have been to a few ....but they are no big deal ...nothing different from a  restaurant ....i do not trust people hygenically i was in the food  business and could reveal horrors stories of what i saw .....terrifying to think    what people do to other people ....the hospitality business is fraught with addicts and alcoholics and very dishonest people ....i have been in on manly levels and what they do to people is  beyond .....but people  do not care ....because they do not dine ....they consume food .....and south Florida is one of the worst places i have ever seen in's a transient state ....full of  really shady people ....but once you venture into the hospitality business .....its a mess ....but poeple don't care as long as they can shove food in their pie hole's a fact .......... anyways these foody people are just trying to make a  buck in trying pandemic times.....can't  fault them .....but someone is piping them info ......nothing personal just business ........

Police arrested food truck workers at gunpoint and jailed them for 48 hours to try to keep them from Kenosha protests, attorneys say (Jack Crosbie)
Authorities disperse people from a park in Kenosha, Wis. on Aug. 25. <p class="copyright">Morry Gash/AP</p>
Authorities disperse people from a park in Kenosha, Wis. on Aug. 25.
  • Kenosha, Wis. police and a federal officer arrested food truck workers at gunpoint, alleging that their presence at a gas station was evidence they were "preparing for criminal activity" amid protests prompted by the shooting of an unarmed Black man.
  • A leader with the Riot Kitchen group rejected claims the group was breaking the law, saying they were filling fuel jugs needed to power their generator on their bus. They support protesters with food and medical supplies, and say these efforts de-escalate confrontations.
  • Six of the workers arrested were held for nearly 48 hours in what one attorney said was a blatant attempt to keep them away from protests.
The Riot Kitchen bus was never supposed to be in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The caravan of members of the Seattle-based food nonprofit were driving cross-country to the March on Washington, D.C. when Kenosha Police shot Jacob Blake on August 23. The group detoured to Wisconsin to support growing protests against police brutality there. 
But they never got the chance to help.
The same police department — whose officers shot the unarmed Black man seven times in the back — arrested eight activists with US Marshal's assistance and impounded three vehicles soon after Riot Kitchen arrived in the city. 
Part of the arrests were caught on video, which shows officers who appear to be in the Kenosha Police, as well as at least one federal Marshal detaining members of Riot Kitchen near their converted school bus, then smashing in the windows of the group's minivan and dragging them into unmarked vehicles. 
The group was at a Speedway gas station filling up fuel jugs to run the generators that power its kitchen and living areas on the bus when they were arrested by officers with weapons drawn. A leader with the nonprofit said the group's purpose is to de-escalate protests by providing free food for demonstrators. 
The presence of federal agents immediately invited comparisons to Portland, where activists were snatched off the street by federal police driving unmarked cars. In a statement, the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed to Insider that its agents were working with local law enforcement in addressing criminal activities involving rioting, looting and other federal crimes. Booking information shows that the arrests of Riot Kitchen's activists originated with the Kenosha Police.

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