Monday, August 31, 2020

this comes as no surprise

This is no surprise about  macdonald's food surely everyone knew this ....did they not?.....their fries are owned by them they engineered a special potato and they own it and these are some pretty toxic fries too .......but as we all know .....everyone loves macdonald's.....that shit will lie in you for a long time .....although i have to say their coffee is amazing .......they probably own that bean too.....there is a documentary called fast food nation .....that was quite an eye opener......still you cannot stop the demand .....everyone seems to love macdonald's .......i have always though it was garbage for .......what meat costs a buck .....really ..... 

McDonald's customer shares 'scary' video of 24-year-old burger: 'Never eating fast food again'

Morgan Greenwald
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What is a McDonald’s meal’s shelf life? It doesn’t have one, apparently.
Recently, a TikTok user named aly.sherb uploaded a video of her grandma showing off some really old McDonald’s food. According to her grandmother, the burger and fries are from 1996 — and for some reason, she’s kept them in a box in her closet for more than 20 years.
After all that time, you would think that the food would be moldy and virtually unrecognizable. However, as you can see in the video, the fast food actually looks pretty normal.
“The French fries look like they’ve maybe kind of fallen into your seat a month or so ago,” aly.sherb’s grandma says as she handles the surprisingly normal-looking spuds. “They never rotted or decayed.”
Next, she takes out the hamburger, which — aside from looking dry — is “completely intact.”
Naturally, people were surprised (and disturbed) by this unusual 24-year-old experiment.
“I’m never eating fast food again NOPE,” one person said.
“Bro this is scary,” another user added.
“Something’s wrong if it hasn’t decomposed,” a third person commented.
In January, another McDonald’s customer made headlines when he similarly showed off his burger from 1999. It, too, looked virtually good as new. At the time, Donald W. Schaffner, Ph.D., distinguished professor and extension specialist for the Food Science graduate program at Rutgers University, explained to Fox News that the burger’s preservation was likely the result of dehydration and storage in the proper, dry conditions.

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