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no class

here is an insecure white male ...with alot of money ......he blew 500 million in his bid for presidency then quit ........and to think of all the starving and hingry that could have fed .......this is why i hate these self absorded satanist ........all these little men have napoleon complexes know they have to have their big trucks....... and thier big things....... to make up for littleness........he never even lasted and wasted 500 million of his ego trip is not depictation of class is in america .....americans define class through money .......but class and style does not come from money comes from self love ....and self conifdence  ....neither which can be bought 

Mike Bloomberg gives $60m to help Democrats in November as former campaign aides turn against him

James Crump
Former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg addresses his staff and the media after announcing that he will be ending his campaign on 4 March 2020 in New York City: (2020 Getty Images)
Former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg addresses his staff and the media after announcing that he will be ending his campaign on 4 March 2020 in New York City: (2020 Getty Images)
Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is planning to spend around $60m (£45.5m) to help strengthen the Democratic House Majority in November, as his former aides have called for him to be pulled from speaking at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week.
The investment, that was announced on Monday, will match the amount Bloomberg spent in midterm elections in 2018, that helped the Democrats flip control of the House away from Republicans, according to the Washington Post.
The spending will include both television and digital ads that will be targeted in areas to help the 20 Democrats who were newly elected in 2018 keep their seats.
Funding will be split between Bloomberg’s political group, Independence USA, and the House Majority PAC, which is closely associated with House speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Speaking about the funding on Monday, one of the former mayor’s advisers told the Post: “Mike’s view is that the investments he made last time are some of the best investments he has ever made.
“We are going to be looking at the same kinds of places, which is to say suburban, swing districts. There will be some overlap with presidential contest states.”
Ms Pelosi released a statement about the funding on Monday, where she praised Bloomberg for his continued help in House elections.
“Mike Bloomberg played a role that was pivotal to our success two years ago,” Ms Pelosi said in a statement. “We are so glad that he is staying in the fight to protect and expand the Democratic majority in the House,” she added.
Earlier in the year, Bloomberg donated $18m (£13.6m) to the Democratic National Committee and another $35m (£26.4m) to Hawkfish, a data consultancy firm working with the Democratic Party.
His donations came after he pulled out of the US presidential race and endorsed Joe Biden, who will be confirmed as the Democratic candidate for president at the DNC on Thursday


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