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if you pay peanuts ..........

Unless you are living in a deserted island somewhere!!!!!!!! don't have to have a  degree to see who works in fast food places .......not the sharpest don't need to be .....i mean it's not like you need a degree in thermal fusion ......or hydro engineering sir !! long as you breath .....DD ......taco bell .....mickey d's ........etc........etc.....they do not want smart people  .........only managers who are care about profits ....nothing else  .....these businesses are  about feed them......... and give them garbage .......that's all dunkin donuts....... and the rest are  servile shit food .....look how cheap it is when you get something like this!!!!!! surprise .....anyone can work at dunkin donuts .... serve a fucking donut...... and coffee hard can that be  .......any monkey and their uncle  can  work there!!!!!!!......dunkin is great coffee  but when i go there.......and see some of the employees .....holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

employee arrested after cop finds 'large, thick piece of mucus' in his coffee
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ABC News Daily: July 31, 2020
ABC News Videos
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A Dunkin’ Donuts employee has been arrested after a police officer found a “large, thick piece of mucus which was later confirmed to be saliva” in his coffee.
The incident occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m. on July 30 when an Illinois State Police (ISP) District Chicago Trooper bought a large black coffee from a Dunkin’ Donuts establishment located on Archer Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.
“Due to the coffee being extremely hot, the Trooper removed the lid from the top of the cup to cool it down,” the Illinois State Police said in a statement.
It was then that the officer noticed the mucus and saliva floating inside his coffee cup.
PHOTO: Vincent J. Sessler was taken into custody without incident by the ISP District Chicago Troopers and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Battery to a Peace Officer after an officer found mucus in his coffee cup at a Dunkin' Donuts in Chicago. (Illinois State Police)
The ISP immediately began an investigation into the incident which culminated just a couple of hours later with the arrest of 25-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts employee Vincent J. Sessler.
Sessler was taken into custody without incident by the ISP District Chicago Troopers and has been charged with Disorderly Conduct and Battery to a Peace Officer.
ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly issued a stern statement about the incident.
“This is outrageous and disgusting,” said Kelly. “The men and women of the Illinois State Police put their heart and soul into protecting the lives and rights of all people in this state every day. They deserve better than this insulting and dangerous treatment.”
Kelly also said that ISP officers and employees will now be prohibited from patronizing that Dunkin’ Donuts location for their own safety.
Sessler currently remains in custody at the Chicago Police Department’s 8th District while the investigation continues.


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