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Hollywood Reacts To Pete Buttigieg Dropping Out Of Presidential Race

Dino-Ray Ramos

Pete Buttigieg made history as the first openly gay presidential candidate to win a presidential nominating contest and after running a trailblazing campaign which included winning the race for delegates in Iowa, he announced that he would be dropping out of the race on Sunday.
As reported earlier, the news was revealed as Buttigieg was en route to his home court of South Bend, Indiana, where he served as that city’s mayor. When word got out that Buttigieg’s was bowing out, his fellow candidates kindly bid adieu to him and congratulated him on running a strong campaign.
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“Thank you, @PeteButtigieg. I know you’ll continue giving back and serving our country for many years to come,” tweeted  Elizabeth Warren.
Tom Steyer, who also recently dropped out of the race, added “@PeteButtigieg brought a fresh perspective and sense of optimism to the race. His call for inclusivity is laudable. As the first openly gay candidate to mount a major bid, he has proven we aren’t limited by who we love. #MayorPete has a bright future and will help us #WinTheEra.”
“Pete Buttigieg ran an awesome campaign that catapulted him from unknown mayor to top-tier contender,” said Andrew Yang, who exited the race earlier this month. “It was only possible because Pete is a world-class talent who represents the future of our country. He is only getting started. Congrats on an incredible run.”
In addition, Hollywood took to Twitter to laud Buttigieg. George Takei said, “I am proud of Mayor Pete and what he has accomplished. I see him going all the way to the White House one day.”
American Horror Story star Billy Eichner said: “As someone who’s dealt with fewer opportunities in my chosen industry for being openly gay years before that was welcome, I’m grateful to @PeteButtigieg & @Chas10Buttigieg for ignoring the odds & assumptions & creating a path for LGBTQ in politics that simply did not exist. 🙏🌈”
GLAAD President and Sarah Kate Ellis tweeted and issued the following statement when the news was announced: “Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was historic and he showed the world that Americans are ready to accept and embrace qualified LGBTQ public leaders. His candidacy came after decades of LGBTQ Americans fighting to be heard, be visible, and have a place in the American experience. Pete’s success will no doubt lead to more LGBTQ candidates in political races large and small.”

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