Wednesday, March 11, 2020

boo hoo sob

              Oh!!!!!! fucking please  cry me a  river  mark!!!!!....i don't  see you  handing over  money to help out  corona  virus  you or  bill gates  ....if it  is should be in the  billions  ....i mean  4 billion to mark zucherberg is nothing .......oh that might be  for  the  flowers  to plant around the walls of  his  mansion he built in Hawaii.............4 billion to him .....really bezos he can lose a shit lose of  cash  even if he  goes down to a billion  .....please  spare me a  fucking tear ...for these  fucking billionaire  cry baby bastards ....maybe if  mark would donate to  dying children and  hunger  or maybe i dont  know  helping poor  kids in america ......oopppsss!!!!!   thats  would make too much sense

Coronavirus fears cost Mark Zuckerberg more than $4 billion from his personal fortune in just a week as Facebook's stock is hit by market volatility (Taylor Nicole Rogers)
Zuckerberg's 13% stake in Facebook is responsible for the vast majority of his wealth.
Zuckerberg's 13% stake in Facebook is responsible for the vast majority of his wealth.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is $4.1 billion less rich than he was last Monday.
The 35-year-old billionaire's fortune shrank last week as Facebook shares plummeted amid a larger market sell-off inspired by the growing coronavirus health crisis, Forbes' Hayley C. Cuccinello reported. The drop in Zuckerberg's net worth was the largest seen by anyone on the Forbes Billionaires list last week, the magazine reported.
Investors may be wary of the social network's reliance on the sectors hit worst by coronavirus — travel, retail, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment — for ad revenue, according to Cuccinello. Together, the four industries are responsible for between 30% and 45% of Facebook's total revenue, Needham analyst Laura Martin wrote in a research note seen by Forbes.
A representative for Zuckerberg at Facebook did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the CEO's net worth or the state of the company's ad revenue. 
Zuckerberg is now worth $64.2 billion, Forbes estimates. His 13% stake in Facebook is responsible for the vast majority of his wealth, according to Bloomberg. Zuckerberg founded the social network in February 2004 while attending Harvard University, Business Insiderpreviously reported. Facebook shares dropped nearly 7% in the past week, as of the market close on Monday. They rose 2.2% during intraday trading on Tuesday as the market recovered from the largest drop since the financial crisis Monday morning.

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