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well if you have  absolutely fuck all else to do  .....i looked this up not sure  why .....probably insomnia ............i was intrigued ......maybe you are  maybe yo aren't  who knew .....this shit happened ......the good old  days ......wonder  why they called  them the  good old  days it because  no one knew  better ........ as  there  was not  better  or  fuck all else.......i guess  when i am  80  and  shitting in a  bag and  mumbling .......i will remember  the  good old  days  .....of apps  ......and  self driving cars .....and  Japanese   love  dolls  that you can  have sex  with  as   organic  females  ....don't  cut the  cheese  for  ya .....tell  that one to your  gran kids  while pissing in your  diaper.....yes they have  Japanese  love dolls that will talk to you and  form conversations with you and  grow to like ,,,,,,you .......scary shit   ...what if you come  home from work and she is  fuck  the instructor you bought to work out  would that be  .....i mean what the  fuck .....and then she tells  you she is leaving you for the  fitness AI guy .......never  ends  does it ......guess  not  anyways i  hope you enjoyed these  good old facts and  shit ..........

Fuzzy Grey Sock23 May, 2019

50 Creepy Historical Facts That Will Make You Say Eww!

Buckle Up.

Mildly hysterical, hugely terrifying and thoroughly historical, the ancient events that the supposedly 'good' old days seem to never run out of horror, even when you're just scraping the surface of it. These events have not only inspired a legion of actions from the generations that came next but also indulged people in hingeing on the adrenaline that comes with the thrill of the dark.
Here are 44 unsettling facts from the past days that will make you doubt everything literally!

1. In 1929, some researchers at Princeton University claimed that they had transformed a living cat into a telephone. 

weird historical facts
In 1929, Princeton professor Ernest Glen Wever along with his research assistant Charles William Bray decided to study the auditory nerve and how it perceives sound and their curiosity literally killed a cat. They wanted to experiment on a live nerve and thus cracked open the skull of a cat to attach telephone wires and make a transmitter. Despite the fact that their experiment was successful and proved several theories of sound, it created a huge controversy among animal rights activists. 

2.There was a time when Heroin was just a common medicine for doctors to prescribe for coughs and headaches. 

weird historical facts
Doctors in the 18th century used heroin as medicine for relieving the pain of cancer, menstruation, and childbirth. Its addictive properties weren't discovered until then and were also used to cure opium addiction. Later, when they found that it is a hallucinogenic substance, its use slowed down at the end of the 18th century.

3. Boston witnessed a molasses flood

weird historical facts
On January 15, 1919, the city of Boston was submerged in a shocking molasses flood. This happened after a storage tank containing two million gallons of molasses cracked open in an accident. 

4. In 1920, a scientist conducted an experiment in which he conditioned a child to develop a severe and permanent phobia of fluffy objects

weird historical facts
Popularly known as the  Little Albert experiment,  American Psychologist John B. Watson and his graduate student, Rosalie Rayner, conducted this eerie experiment at the Johns Hopkins University. The outcomes of this horrifying exploration were first published in the February 1920 issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

5. In the 1950s, it was a common practice by doctors to sever pieces of patients' brains to "cure" mental illness

weird historical facts
In earlier times, gravediggers used to steal bodies so that their parts could be consumed for the treatment of several diseases. “It emerged from homeopathic ideas,” says Louise Noble. “It’s 'like cures like.' So you eat ground-up skull for pains in the head.” Or drink blood for diseases of the blood.

6. Before the invention of dentures, the teeth pulled out from the mouths of dead soldiers were used as prosthetic

weird historical facts
In 1815, the advances in dentistry we have today were non-existent. The enamel of the wealthy was rotten as sweet consumption was on the rise during the late 18th century. When tooth replacement turned into a booming business, the number of live donors rapidly declined but the grave robbers were concerned about something else. The healthy teeth sitting in the mouth of recently killed soldiers which were then boiled, chopped off and sold like jewelry. 

7. According to many researchers,  the reason behind the terrifying expressions of Guanajuato Mummies is the result of the victims getting buried alive

weird historical facts
The horror in the frozen faces of Guanajuato Mummies has remained a subject of mystery for many decades. The terrifying Cholera epidemic in the 1850s led to a deadly scenario and soon, there was no place to put the bodies. But it is believed that the diseases freaked them out so much that some of the affected were buried alive. The popular body of Ignacia Aguilar was found biting her arm, a painful revelation that confirmed the horrific incident.

'It's terrifying, I feel sick to my stomach,' Peruvian visitor Maria Goncalves told MailOnline in the middle of her group's guided tour. 'It's the terrible expressions the mummies all have that makes it so horrible.'

8. The largest bird to ever walk the earth lived 6 million years ago and has a wingspan of 20 feet

weird historical facts
The Giant Teratorn, also known as Argentavis magnificens, lived in Argentina during the late Miocene with a wingspan of approximately 23 to 30 feet. The details of its behavior and structure are not accurate and for more information, check out this Wiki.

9. The Mayans used to perform sacrifice by pulling the still-beating hearts out of people’s chest

weird historical facts
The pre-Columbian era in the Maya civilization witnessed the most number of human sacrifices as they believed that it was nourishment for their god. The ritual would take place in the courtyard of the temple where four attendants representing the cardinal directions would hold down the person to be sacrificed and used a sacrificial knife to cut into the chest. They would pull out the still-beating heart and smear its blood on God's image. 

10. According to the estimates of an anthropologist, more than 600,000 witches lost their lives

weird historical facts
Commonly practiced in Central Europe, Germany, France, and Switzerland, the witchcrafts were bascially executions for performing Maleficarum or harmful magic peaked in the middle of 15th to 18th century. The exact number of witches convicted and executed is subject to controversy but is approximated around 600K. 

According to Ancient Pages, "The first recorded safety coffin was constructed on the orders of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick before his death in 1792."

11. People patented ‘safety coffins’ so that if someone is mistakenly buried people, they could alert those above ground

weird historical facts
During the early 14th century, there are many accounts of people being buried alive. Another incident of a woman named Alice Blunden being buried alive in the 17th century England. The fear of such happenings spread worldwide in no time and grave-makers started inventing a safe-series of graves in the late 19th century. 

12. Rich Europeans around the 1500s and 1600s consumed parts of corpses as it was believed that it had medicinal properties

weird historical facts
Long before modern medicine, the people who could spend willingly splurged on human bone powder and blood for curing diseases.
To stop internal bleeding, the European doctors would grind parts of mummies into a tincture and then ingested by the patients. Mostly the medicine was powdered body parts, but 'fresh human flesh' got advised for better health.

13. King Tut’s parents were siblings

weird historical facts
DNA was taken from the mummified remains of Tut’s mother, and its study revealed that she was both mothers to Tut, and also the sister of his father, Akhenaten.

14. Mexican general Antonio López de Santa Anna organized a state funeral for his amputated leg

weird historical facts
During the 'Pastry War,' the general was severely wounded, and the doctors decided to amputate his leg. In 1842, Santa Anna resumed his presidency again and revealed his chopped off leg from to parade it in Mexico city with a state funeral, poetry and celebration.

15. During the “New England Vampire Panic” people would dig up people who died of Tuberculosis and put a stake through their heart

weird historical facts
During the 19th century, an outbreak of tuberculosis freaked out the residents of Rhode Island, Vermont, eastern Connecticut and some parts of New England. The disease was not well-studied, and people thought that it was caused by the dead feeding on the life of their surviving relatives. They started exhuming bodies from the grave and staked the hearts or burned the organs to keep it from spreading.

16. Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler drank the blood of his enemies with meals

weird historical facts
Many historians believe that Vlad inspired Stoker's fictional Dracula. It is thought that he would dip chunks of bread in blood from the people he killed and also washed his hands in the stream of the red.

17. In the Victorian Era, it was common for people to make jewelry out of their deceased loved ones

weird historical facts
Turning teeth, bones and hair stands into what they used to call, 'memorial jewelry' was a common practice. They used the hair strands to create rings, bracelets, and lockets and the tradition reached its peak in the Victorian Era. 

18. A mixture of alcohol and ground beaver testicles was used as contraceptions

weird historical facts
During the 1500s in Canada, women came up with a formula which would supposedly prevent pregnancy. The testicles were soaked in a concoction of alcohol and were popularly consumed despite the fact that it didn't have any scientific data to back up. 

19. In the Middle Ages, innocence was judged by putting the suspect's hand in boiling water

weird historical facts
If the wounds of the burn would heal within three days, then the person was considered innocent but in case that it didn't, guilt was confirmed. The healing was actually taken as a sign from God for innocence. 

20. Around the year 1902, edible wafers infused with arsenic was used for improving facial imperfection

weird historical facts
It was claimed that the wafers would be effective if the user regularly consumed it but as it has arsenic, it only showed derogatory results. At the time people were unaware of its harmful effect and used it for a long while until they relaised that it can be toxic. 

21. The first major Syphilis outbreak took place in 1494 and “caused flesh to fall from people’s faces and lead to death within a few months”

weird historical facts
In the first of the Italian wars in 1495, Charles VIII of France's invasion of Naples brought a new disease spreading with its soldiers - syphilis. The disease started with genital ulcers and was extremely painful with no remedies to cure or even relieve the pain. It melted through the bones and even destroyed nose, lips, and eyes of the affected. 

22. King Afonso IV of Portugal made everyone pay homage to a corpse

weird historical facts
The king was known for his rigid decisions and always had his way in all things. When Peter I of Portugal, his son, fell in love with Inês Piras de Castro, Afonso rejected their relationship and ordered three henchmen to murder her. Two years after the king died, his son took over the throne and executed the murderers of his lovers. As the legend follows, he exhumed the body of Inês, crowned her as queen and asked everyone to pay their homage. 

23. John F. Kennedy, Aldous Huxley, and C.S. Lewis all died on the same day 

weird historical facts
On November 22, 1963, the death of these three legendary personalities shook the world but the mystery behind this odd coincidence is still a subject of debate. 

24. Peter Freuchen escaped from his death by making a shiv out of his feces and amputating his foot 

weird historical facts
He was trapped under an avalanche in 1926 and as he didn't have his usual assortment of daggers, he shaped his frozen feces into a sharp weapon to amputated his own foot. He replaced his leg with a peg and dug himself out of the cave. 

25. Allegedly Pepi II smeared servants with honey to keep flies away from him

weird historical facts
He would order the servants to stand naked by them with honey smeared on their bodies because he despised flies. 

26. New members of a secret society called the Order of the Pug had to wear dog collars and scratch at the door to get in

weird historical facts
This secret society was founded by Roman Catholics in Bavaria in 1740 and aimed at bypassing the papal bull In eminenti apostolatus of 1738.

27. In ancient Mongolia, criminals were left in boxes to die of starvation

weird historical facts
This punishment got carried out until rules changed in the early 20th century.

28. In the Victorian era, people would pose with their dead relatives

weird historical facts
It was a very popular practice in Victorian England and the unsettling family poses, such as dead infants that appeared to be asleep was a fashionable way of mourning.

29. Salem once held a trial against tomatoes

weird historical facts
In 1820, the town of Salem in New Jersey believed that they are poisonous and called for a trail to settle the issue. Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson ended the case when he ate an entire basket of tomatoes and had no ill consequences. 

According to History Channel, "Tomatoes do, in fact, contain low levels of this glycoalkaloid with fungicidal properties, but the levels are so low as not to be dangerous."

30. Elvis Presley had severe constipation

weird historical facts
He suffered from a serious condition throughout his life. He died while pooping because of a condition called Mega Colon. 

31. Thomas Edison once electrocuted a circus elephant to death named Topsy 

weird historical facts
In 1902, Topsy was brought to New York’s Coney Island amusement park and after complaints of dangerous behavior, she was executed by Thomas Edison. He hooked up the elephant with electrodes and fed Topsy cyanide-laced carrots before he threw the switch.   

32. In 1998, 1,200 bones from approximately ten human bodies were found in the cellar of Ben Franklin's home

weird historical facts
The bodies were utilized in the investigation of human life structures, researchers accept. 

33. Between the 11th and 19th centuries, Buddhist monks  mummified themselves alive

weird historical facts
Between the eleventh and nineteenth century, Buddhist monks in northern Japan rehearsed a sort of reflection called Sokushinbutsu, in which they would preserve themselves alive by gradually weaning themselves off sustenance and water before inevitably starving to death.

34. Seven out of the ten deadliest wars in human history took place in Chin

weird historical facts
The Taiping Rebellion alone had twice the same number of casualties as World War 1.

35. Men would remove their left testicles to ensure having a son

weird historical facts
Amid the medieval times, it was believed that sperm delivered from the left testicle was responsible for giving birth to female children. To guarantee to have a male child, men would have it removed. 

36. Traditional treatments like leeches, opium, and snake weed contributed to William Henry's death

weird historical facts
President William Henry Harrison served the briefest term in U.S. history. He kicked the bucket of only two months into his administration. Doctors gave him conventional medicines like parasites, opium, and snakeweed, which added to his demise.

37. In 1945, a balloon bomb was launched by Japan that landed in Oregon and caused the only casualties on U.S soil

weird historical facts
A woman and five children died when it exploded and they became the only World War 2 casualties on US soil after America started in the war.

38. Romans used urine for mouthwash

weird historical facts
Pee contains ammonia which is a standout amongst the best regular cleaning agents on earth.

The Roman poet Catullus wrote, "Egnatius, because he has snow-white teeth, smiles all the the country of Spain what each man pisses, he’s used to brushing his teeth and red gums with, every morning, so the fact that your teeth are so polished just shows you're the more full of piss."

39. Pope Gregory IV once exterminatd all the cats throughout Europe

weird historical facts
The 13th-century pope thought of the black cats as instruments of Satan and decided to wipe them off the land. 

40. The vibrator was invented to treat hysteria

weird historical facts
One of the largest selling household appliances today was invented because doctors took too long to manually masturbate women so Dr. Granville invented the vibrating device to cure hysteria. 

41. A lotion made from eagle poop was applied to women about to give birth

It was meant to ease the pain but even the thought of having traces of that in my epidural gives me the creeps.

42. Dead rats tangled together called 'Rat King' once plagued Germany

A rat king is born when many rats get stuck together by their tails because of sticky substances, hair or caked in excrement. Failing from separation, they turn into a giant furry ball of dead rats, an image of which you can Google but shouldn’t.

The Mauritanium Scientific Museum in Altenburg, Germany, exhibits the largest preserved rat king, which consists of 32 rats.

43. The British Government once asked all its citizens to put down their pets

In 1993, they asked to kill the pets so that they won’t don’t suffer the war and bloodshed. More than 750K pets were put down in a week. 

44. Ancient Rome was the home for “World’s first serial killer"

Locusta, who grew up in Gaul, which is modern-day France, she was hired by the local elite to kill powerful people with her powerful knowledge of herbs and plants. 

45. In ancient Roman, mouse brain was used to brush teeth

They also used urine but just the picture of putting a squishy brain in your mouth in the early hours makes us barf.

46. Chinese women used to disfigure their feet to make them look beautiful

This tradition was in practice until the early 1900s and special shoes were made to restrict the mobility of the feet and curve them to an abnormal shape. 

47. Henry VIII hired a professional to wipe his butt

He was titled as the Groom of Stool. Can even imagine the job description he would have given. 

48. A dead jokey once won a horse race

In 1923, Frank Hayes was riding his horse Sweet Kiss in New York’s Belmont Park when he got a heart attack. His corpse managed to stay on the saddle until he won the race.

49. A scientist once experimented to create a human-chimpanzee hybrid

In the 1920s, a Russian biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov performed artificial insemination to create a ‘Humanzee’ that would have the DNA of both a human and an ape. 

50. In the 1200s, Mongols would burn their prisoners during battles to use their liquified fat

weird historical facts
They would burn the fat and catapult them on their enemies. 
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