Friday, June 14, 2019


I will never understand any mind can kill an unarmed Beast it does not make sense it's cowardly spineless and the sadistic if the animal had a gun with this. Would. Hebe willing to confront it I very much.doubt it  Because Hunters are cowards real men fight real men with real guns men fight other men with knives if they have knives an  animal being confronted by a man with a loaded gun is nothing more than a spineless piece of shit coward is no excuse for killing any animal just a fact a real human being any man that kills an animal will kill a child simple fact they have no regard for life is to hunt  one must have been hurt himself or abused by his parents stands to reason because that is just abuse on another level is carried on a sport is only a sport when the sides are even does a man with a gun and animal with a gun animal test of the gun and it's not Sport it's merely sadistic pleasure for the sick games of a deeply depraved human being who would abuse animal children women  any man with a gram of respect  for life would not kill an animal  phototrophy  I understand some people have to hunt their food  but to kill an animal  animal just for a trophy is absolutely famous low-life empty-headed piece of shit  I have respect for human life and animal life  but honestly more animal than human human beings know better  I don't want to be friends with anyone that kills animals simple://

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  I have said it now and will say it again ....sharks  do not like us on any level.........going into the  water  today is  dangerous .........